Thursday 16 June 2011
Afternoon Session
Room A - 14:30 – 16:30
Education and New Technology
Moderator: Cristina Vieira - Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Brand and Merchandising Manager of the Children’s Products Sector - braM
Alexandra Curatolo - Children's Fashion Europe (Spain)

E-Portfolio, a Self-Assessment Tool for Evaluating Subject Content Acquisition. A Practical Example in a European Project
Lina Sierra - University of Alcala (Spain)

ICT, Training and Effective Selling Skills in Marketing Education in Nigeria
Geo Emeka Duruamaku- Dim - Faculty of Education, University of Calabar (Nigeria)

Cloud Computing for Distributed University Campus: a Prototype Suggestion
Serhat Bahadir Kert - Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)
Mehmet Fatih Erkoç - Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)

PACT - Promoting Awareness for Cooperation and Training in the Field of Domestic Violence
Joëlle Blache - BUPNET (Germany)

How to Make Philosophy Interesting For non-Specialists?
Lubomira Parijkova - State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (Bulgaria)

Room B - 14:30 – 16:30
Innovative Language Teaching and Learning Methodologies
Moderator: Diane Boothe - Boise State University (United States)

The New Renaissance
Joanna Rakowski - Benedictine University (United States)

The Transmission of the Cultural Inheritance in Education
José Edgar Zaragoza Loya - Universidad Autónoma De Tamaulipas, Facultad De Música (Mexico)
María del Carmen Vergara de los Ríos - Universidad Autónoma De Tamaulipas, Facultad De Música (Mexico) Mariana de Jesús Vargas Mendoza - Universidad Autónoma De Tamaulipas, Facultad De Música (Mexico)

Activating Methods: Tools to Increase Quality and Effectiveness of Tertiary Education
Mariana Sirotová - Department of Pedagogy, University of Ss Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Arts, (Slovakia)

Educating Balance in an Accelerating World
Didi Ananda Devapriya - Amurtel Romania (Romania)

Physical Activity – The Basis of Learning and Creativity
Claudia Erni Baumann - ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland)

Learning about Ecoremediations and Sustainability on the New Education Polygon in Modraže, Slovenia
Jerneja Križan - International Centre for Ecoremediation, Faculty of Arts (Slovenia)

Room C - 14:30 – 16:30
Moderator: Armanda Matos - Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences – University of Coimbra, (Portugal)

The New Blended, a Case for Blended Online Learning
Hala Elkhawanky - Myngle (The Netherlands)

Constructing Blended Learning and E-Learning Material for Higher Education
Olaf Herden - Cooperative State University Baden Wuerttemberg Campus Horb (Germany)

Almost Web 3.0: an Experimentation Project for Middle School
Simona Butò - Scuola S. Carlo Borromeo (Italy)

Strategic E-Learning
Abdulkareem Eid S. Al- Alwani - Yanbu University College (Saudi Arabia)
Abdulaziz Alraddadi - College of Computer Science & Engineering, Taibah University (Saudi Arabia) Mohammad M. Al- Suraihi - Taibah University (Saudi Arabia)

21st Century Best Practice and Evaluation for Online Courses
Mary Brennan - Monmouth University (United States)
Terri Rothman - Monmouth University (United States)

An Organizational Approach For Sustaining E-Learning in a Large Urban University
Kalman C. Toth - Department of Computer Science, Portland State University (United States)

Room D - 14:30 – 16:30
Studies on Education
Moderator: Ida Cortoni - Dipartimento di Comunicazione e Ricerca Sociale - Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)

What are the Barriers to Independent Study and Learning in First Year Undergraduate Engineering Students?
Robert Morris - Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)

“From Map to Navigational System” New Trends for Developing Spatial Cognition Skills
Ati Merç - Celal Bayar University Education Faculty (Turkey)

Possibilities of “Nuclear Concepts Theory"" on Educational Research, a Review
Mercedes Mendoza Garcia - Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)
Luis Manuel Casas García - Universidad de Extremadura (Spain) Ricardo Luengo González - Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)

Educational Action Research for Exploring Pre-Service Teachers’ Understanding of Ecological Attitude
Inga Gedžune - Daugavpils University (Latvia)
Ginta Gedžune - Daugavpils University (Latvia)

Study of stress and exhaustion in part-time students
Gudrun Gaedke - FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW (Austria)

Village Institutes From Past to Present Day and Ascertainment Towards Future
Hakan Arslan - Celal Bayar University (Turkey)
Öykü Özü - Celal Bayar University (Turkey)

Coffee Break 16:30 - 16:45
Poster Session 16:45 - 17:10
Room A - 17:10 – 18:50
Education and New Technology
Moderator: Kalman C. Toth - Department of Computer Science, Portland State University (United States)

Visual Language and Representation of Reality. An Audiovisual Educational Project with Secondary School Students
Nicoleta Fotiade - ActiveWatch-Media Monitoring Agency (Romania)

The Effect Of Web Based Learning Method In Science Education On Improving The Students’ Science Process Skills
Beyza Karadeniz Bayrak - Faculty of Education, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey)

Evaluation of Classroom-based Online Multimedia Language Assessment
Sanja Seljan - University of Zagreb – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Croatia)

The European Dictionary on Skills and Competences (DISCO)
Petra Ziegler - 3s Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Austria)

A Method of Using Experts’ Life Logs to Enhance Users’ Motivation
Hitoshi Kawasaki - NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (Japan)

Room B - 17:10 – 18:50
Music Education
Moderator: Anahit Ter- Stepanian - Sacred Heart University (United States)

Sounds and Values in the Classroom
Pedro De Bruyckere - University College Arteveldehogeschool (Belgium)
Bengt Söderhäll - University of Gävle (Sweden)

Importance of Italian Musicians in the Training of Turkish Military Music in the Imperial Music with Giuseppe Donizetti as Maestro and the Present State of Turkish Military Music
Oguz Karakaya - Traditional Turkish Music Department of Dilek Sabanci State Concervatory of
Selcuk University (Turkey)

Understanding the Factors Behind the Attitudes Towards Classical Music: A Survey Study on Undergraduates in Afyonkarahisar-Turkey
Sevgi Tas - State Conservatory-Afyon Kocatepe University (Turkey)

Teaching Methods Used in the Education of Traditional Turkish Music Instruments
Alper Akdeniz - Traditional Turkish Music Department of Dilek Sabanci State Concervatory of Selcuk University (Turkey)

Music Notation and Creative Pedagogy
Maria Maddalena Erman - NaturalMenteMusica CIDM (Italy)

Room C - 17:10 – 18:50
Gender Equality in Education, Education and People with Disabilities
Moderator: Lucia Pannese - imaginary srl (Italy)

If Not School then Who? : Promoting Gender Equality in Greek Schools via Innovating Programs
Sotiria Gappa- (Greece)

Girls´ Perceptions About What Is Required To Have Success In Male Dominated Professional Areas: Gender Stereotypes Under Vocational Choices
Cristina Vieira - Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (Portugal)

Make - Able
Vania Comuzzi - Università Senza Età (Italy)

Creative Students on the Spectrum: Integrating the University Classroom
Scott Gordley - Montclair State University (United States)

Text-to-Speech: Improving Students Outcomes
Niclas Bergstrom - ReadSpeaker (Sweden)

Room D - 17:10 – 18:50
Studies on Second Language Acquisition
Moderator: Luisa Panichi - Centro Linguistico Interdipartimentale Università di Pisa (Italy)

ELPiPL Experiences
Liisa Wallenius - HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

Rebuilding Educational Institutions from Scratch: Practical Experiences using Social Media and Virtual Worlds for Education
Donovan Babin - Universitat Bielefeld (Germany)
Klaus Hammermüller - Talkademy (Austria)

Language Skills for University Study: What do Students Need ….and What Do Their Teachers Need?
Margaret Fowler - British Council (Italy)

On Some Aspects of Developing Cognitive Strategies
Eva Smetanova - Department of British and American Studies, University od Ss Cyril and
Methodius, Faculty of Arts (Slovakia)

The Use of Writing Groups in the ESL Classroom - a Case Study from Hong Kong
Barley Mak - Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)