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Ahmad Amin, Balkh University (Afghanistan)


In this document you’ll read about a mobile application which will allow user to send distress signal to their loved ones. Today, right at this moment, we are vulnerable to a number of threats to our lives. From medical emergencies, house fires, road accidents, armed robberies, street harassment, rape, abuse, danger to full blown terrorist attacks. Our team discussed about different global problems and lots of obstacles existing in this domain, and the most important and substantial issues that people have will be solved with this application. Nine out of ten women report street harassment as a major challenge in Afghanistan. During global researches about street harassment, over 80 percent of the women surveyed had experienced stranger harassment in public and that those experiences had a large and detrimental impact on their perceived safety in public.

ComeOon is an app designed to address street harassment, rape, abuse, dangers by connecting you to your friends and loved ones when you need help. Your reports will also let other people know where and when incidents are happening.

Let’s have a safe world.

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