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The Role of Metacognitive Awareness and Motivation in Enhancing English Language Proficiency

V.K Karthika, English and Foreign Languages University (India)


Owing to different external and internal causal determinants, English language learners may find their target language learning to be problematic. When it comes to speaking and listening, there are a number of pertinent factors which directly or indirectly affect the learners’ performance. This paper tries to locate the positive and negative attributions the learners build up about their achievement or failure in their language use and the effect this can have on their motivation. The study investigates what are the determinants to which the learners attribute their success or failure in their speaking and listening acts. The study also probes whether there are any observable correlation between the learners’ attributions, motivation and their metacognitive awareness. The study is based on the assumption that the intrinsically motivated learners can attribute their success or failure to positive causal determinants and their metacognitive awareness can be greater than those learners with negative attributions. The responsibility the learners take on their learning is largely determined by the nature of their motivation and the metacognitive awareness they have on their learning processes. The study is based on the attribution theory, motivational theories and the theories of metacognition. Within this theoretical framework, the study tries to bring out the cyclical nature of attributions, motivation and the metacognitive awareness.

Motivated learners are willing to take charge of their own learning, they may invent and implement strategies to enhance their learning and constantly monitor and evaluate their performance which in turn will result in positive attributes. The study has pedagogical implication as providing strategy training and sustaining learner motivation through constructive feedback can facilitate opportunities for learners to be self-directed.

Key words: metacognition, motivation, English speaking proficiency, metacognitive awareness, strategies, learner autonomy

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