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Intercomprehension And Inter-Cultural Training For Mobility

Kristin Brogan, ITT (Institute of Technology, Tralee) School of Business and Social Studies, Dept. of Humanities (Ireland)


This paper would like to introduce the INTERMOVE project, funded within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, is a Strategic Partnership project within the VET section. It aims to prepare participants for EU mobility projects by the development and implementation of a new training pathway that will tackle two of the barriers to mobility: Intercultural issues and communication in foreign languages. The coordinator is based in Spain and partners are from Ireland, Italy, Portugal and France.

What makes the INTERMOVE Training so innovative?

INTERMOVE combines the intercultural preparation with the use of intercomprehension in a blended training pathway that will include French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish as target languages.

Intercomprehension is a form of communicating in which a person uses his/her own language to understand the language used by the other person(s). This method gets immediately linked to Interculture (interaction between one or more cultures) as soon as concepts such as diversity, empathy and non-oral communication skills occur: understand a language, understand a culture. This approach gives special importance to the comprehension (reading, listening) rather than the production (writing, speaking).

Expected Impact:

The target group of this project is anyone who deals with the preparation of learners for the stay abroad.

It is with pre-departure and upon-arrival preparation of trainees  and  students,  providing  them  with  resources  for  blended  learning, e-learning and face to face training sessions.

Thanks to INTERMOVE, trainers will have access to innovative tools that will allow them to incorporate a methodology based on an Intercomprehension and Intercultural approach. Trainers will acquire the expertise needed to prepare participants on mobility experiences, helping learners to better understand multicultural contexts and to interact in five different languages. This will become a reality by the implementation of:

·         INTERMOVE Learning Pathway to be used by trainers willing to teach the Intercomprehension and Intercultural blended contents;

·         Open Educational Resource Platform for mentors to create customized pathways, exchange resources and good practices as well as to support the contact between different organisations;

·         Tutor Handbook with guidelines and tips on how to make use of the INTERMOVE products;

·         INTERMOVE label awarded to those organizations implementing the system.


Multilingual, intercultural, intercomprehension, intercultural and language barriers, innovative learning methods for the SA


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