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Antonia Paín Arias

Institution: Universidad de Extremadura

Country: Spain

Antonia Paín is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at University of Extremadura, Spain. Over the past two decades has been closely involved in the supervision Teaching Internships and director of the international Internship programme for British and Spanish Students.
She has also been awarded lecturing scholarships at various European and American Universities. In addition to her classroom responsibilities she has participated in a variety of administrative activities on campus and has been actively involved in International Affairs at the University as Erasmus Coordinator organizing the mobility of students, staff members and administrative staff throughout the European Union.
Antonia Paín has been involved as project planner in research funded by the European Commission mostly in the field of education and training and has developed partnerships with many European and American Universities. She also participated as a researcher in a Comenius Projects in cooperation with several European Universities (2004-2007). She is the Director of the courses” Lengua, Cultura y Civilización Españolas” for Iowa State University Students at the Universidad de Extremadura since 2002.
She is a member of GexCall (Extremenian Group for Computer Assisted Language Learning.), a research group established in 2003, at the University of Extremadura dedicated to the study and promotion of Computer Assisted Language Learning, and currently developing a project on e-learning and distance education in the area of
English for Specific Purposes for European certification. Antonia Paín is also a researcher in the Shaiex project designed by Gexcall and funded by the Regional Government under the auspices of its Research and Development Initiatives, whose objective is the creation of an Adaptive Hypermedia System for the Teaching of Languages at early Ages .
Her main research interests are early language learning for pre-school chidren, teacher training, methodology, ICT, and curricular materials development and evaluation. Antonia Paín is the president of Apinex, The English Teacher Association of Extremadura which organizes an annual conference and periodical in-service teacher seminars. She collaborates in in-service teachers trainning seminars oraganized by the Regional Government and frequently gives teacher training workshops involved in teacher training programmes for Primary and preschool teachers offered by the Department of Education for Extremadura.

Area of Expertise: English for specific purposes, early language learning for pre-school chidren, teacher training, methodology, ICT, and curricular materials development and evaluation.

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