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    ICT Based Language Teaching Solutions

    Author Title of the Paper

    Ana Monte - Centro del Profesorado y de Recursos de Gijón (Spain)

    WEB 2.0 Toolbox

    Berit Carmesin, Doris Devilly, Michelle Tooher – National University of Ireland (Ireland)

    WikiLingua.ie: Towards using Web 2.0 Technologies in Language Learning and Teaching

    Christel Schneider - ICC International Language Network (Germany)

    Luisa Panichi - Università di Pisa (Italy)

    Second Life® as a virtual platform for language education

    Christian Ollivier - University of Réunion Island (France)

    Impact of real life tasks using the Web 2.0 technologies

    Jana Denemarková, Dita Gálová - Brno Univesity of Technology - Institute of Foreign Languages (Czech Republic)

    The advantage of using ICT to support direct teaching and self-study

    Katri Oldendorff - Lingonet Ltd (Finland)

    Lingowalk: Creating virtual tours for vocational and cultural studies in language learning - a constructivist approach

    Kristina Mullamaa - University of Tartu (Estonia)

    Why Resort to e-learning in Language Teaching? ICT as a Support for Language Learning and Communication

    Maria Perifanou - Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)

    Cristina Costa - University of Salford (United Kingdom)

    WEB 2.0 Scenarios in Language Learning: Sharing Experiences

    Marie-Therese Batardière , Catherine Jeanneau- University of Limerick (Ireland)

    It motivated me to work harder and read further." Insights into students’ learning and behaviour in an online discussion forum

    Paraskevi Mentzelou - Alexander Technological Educational Institution (Greece)

    Computer Assisted Learning Reading and Language Software

    Roberto Righi - Amitié (Italy)

    The ILLIMITED Project – Implementing Language Learning Materials to Increase Teachers Education Development

    Stephanie Kabela - Company Barthe (France)

    Barthe’s Duplicator

    Integrating E-Learning in Classroom Based Language Teaching

    Author Title of the Paper

    Alejandra Donoso, Catarina Stichini- Stockholm University (Sweden)

    ICT and Vocabulary Acquisition in Two Different Groups of Spanish and Portuguese Learners

    Francisco Arcos , Pablo Ortega- Universtity of Alicante (Spain)

    Learning English through an LMS, face-to-face lectures and the resulting blend

    Ingrid Stritzelberger - Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium (Germany)

    We are Europe

    Michaela Vesela - Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)

    ICT in Teaching Professional English for Mechanical Engineering

    Patricia Arnaiz Castro- Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)

    José Luis Ortega Martín - Universidad de Granada (Spain)

    Learning English in the classroom and in the forum: what is university students’ perception of their interaction in these two contexts?

    Innovative Language Teaching and Learning Methodologies

    Author Title of the Paper

    Birgit Wittenberg - Bildungswerk Ver.Di (Germany)

    Language learning across borders: use and role of live online sessions

    Elena Gómez Parra - University of Córdoba (Spain)

    Antonia Paín - University of Extremadura (Spain)

    Teaching English and Learning Intercultural Values

    Elisabetta Delle Donne - Pixel (Italy)

    ELS @ Work: New Technology for Language Learning

    Gabriele Harecker, Angelika Lehner-Wieternik - Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich University of Education (Austria)

    Language Learning and Teaching Project

    Liesbeth Pyfers - Pragma (The Netherlands)

    EFL made to measure, for adult learners with intellectual disabilities

    Liesbeth Pyfers - Pragma (The Netherlands)

    Signs2Go: a project for deaf signers, by deaf signers

    Lloyd Bethell - HAMK - University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

    Buddy project

    Manuel Cuadrado-García, María-Eugenia Ruiz-Molina - Faculty of Economics - Universitat de València (Spain)

    The use of Moodle in Higher Education for improving English skills in non-language courses

    Maria Jesús Mariñoso - FASE.net (Spain)

    e-CLIENT Simulation facilitating language learning

    Marlene Hilzensauer, Franz Dotter, Andrea Grilz - University of Klagenfurt (Austria)

    The SignOn method for deaf learners of written languages

    Martin Beck - MONDIALE-Testing GmbH (Switzerland)

    The New Online Language Test Generation

    Nataporn Srichamnong - Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

    EFL Vocabulary Learning: The Effects of Interactive Multiple-choice Gloss and Vocabulary Enhancement Exercise

    Pilar Concheiro, Ásrún Matthíasdóttir - Reykjavík University (Iceland)

    Application of ICT to language learning and teaching at Reykjavík University. Presentation of a case study: learning Spanish through blogging

    Raquel Fernández-Cézar - Suffolk University (Spain),

    Christine Harris, Constancio Aguirre-Pérez - University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

    Secciones Europeas – Promoting Bilingual Programmes in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

    Languages for Business and Vocational Purposes

    Author Title of the Paper

    Annie Nielsen - Bifrost (Denmark)

    Language learning on the job

    Barbara Vojvodikova, Jana Pletnicka - Faculty of Civil Engineering (Czech Republic)

    Educational products of the Lifelong Educational Project BRIBAST

    Doris Lindinger - HAK II Salzburg (Austria)

    A new approach to Business & Tourism

    Michel Meuret - CCI du Jura (France)

    Communicating in English between Principals and Subcontractors in Airspace and Automotive Industry

    Romana Padovnik Rajšter - Secondary school of catering and tourism (Slovenia)

    Eurocatering Language Training