Conference Proceedings

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Opening Speech




Key data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe (Eurydice report)

Nathalie Baïdak

Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (European Commission)

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

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SignLEF: Sign Languages within the European Framework of Reference for Languages (pdf)

Simone Greiner-Ogris

University of Klagenfurt (Austria)

Franz Dotter

University of Klagenfurt (Austria)


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Using Moodle in the CLIL INTO SCHOOLS project (pdf)

Tamara Vanova

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

Jitka Kazelleova

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)

CLIL: from Online Sources to Learning Resources (pdf)

Ulla Fürstenberg

University of Graz (Austria)

Petra Kletzenbauer

University of Applied Sciences Joanneum (Austria)

Automation Technology and German as an Online Course (ADOK) (pdf)

Claudia Friedl

Reutlingen University (Germany)

Finnish of Tourism for Immigrants: Integrating Vocational Contents and Language Studies in Web-Based Learning Environment (pdf)

Kyllikki Alajärvi

Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education (Finland)

Saija Anttila

Training Consortium Lappia (Finland)

On-line French Language Course for International Students (pdf)

Thomas Semmler

Telecom Bretagne (France)

The European Language Label for the promotion of quality in language learning

Title of Paper



EuroCatering Language Training (ECLT) (pdf)

Christian Goethals

HELHa (Belgium)

Margret Oberhofer

Linguapolis (Belgium)

Anne Brindley

GMIT (Ireland)

Agnes Svendsen

SognVGS (Norway)

NELLIP, Network of European Language Labelled Initiatives and Projects (pdf)

Elisabetta Delle Donne

Pixel (Italy)

E-learning Solutions for Language Teaching and Learning

Title of Paper



Students’ Perception on English E-Learning (pdf)

Ana Guadalupe Torres Hernández

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Isai Guevara Bazan

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Leticia Arciga Solorio

Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Parliamoci Chiaro: an onLine Opportunity for Immigrants to Learn Italian (pdf)

Luisa Farinati

ISMU – Iniziative e Studi sulla Multietnicità (Italy)

Mara Masseroni

ISMU – Iniziative e Studi sulla Multietnicità (Italy)

Marilena Vimercati

ISMU – Iniziative e Studi sulla Multietnicità (Italy)

Mobile Learners in the Language Virtual Classroom: Trajectories of Participation and Personalisation in and Across Online Institutional Learning Environments (pdf)

Silvia Colaiacomo

King’s College London (United Kingdom)

Giulia Messina Dahlberg

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Teletandem: Integrating E-learning into the Foreign Language Classroom (pdf)

Suzi M. S. Cavalari

Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP (Brazil)

Global Classroom (pdf)

Jan Bodholdt

Adult Educational Centre Storstom (Denmark)

Flemming Nielsen

Adult Educational Centre Storstom (Denmark)

A Grammar Checker for Students of English as a Foreign Language (pdf)

Jim Lawley

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain)

e-Learning as a Current Trend in TEFL: the Case of Dubai (pdf)

Seyyed Amir Hossein Sarkeshikian

Islamic Azad University, Qom Branch (Iran)

Zahra Va’ezy

Pazhvak Andishe Cultural and Art Institute (Iran)

Student Perspectives on e-Formative Assessment: the Thai Context (pdf)

Somboon Chetchumlong

Burapha University (Thailand)

ICT based language teaching and learning approaches

Title of Paper



An Electronic School Magazine: Exploring the Use of Blogs in Teaching Writing in a Young Learners’ Context (pdf)

Eleni Kontolati

1st Primary School of Akrata (Greece)

A European experience on ICT and language learning: Integrating ICT and Foreign Language Learning in State Language Schools in Spain, Maspalomas 23-27 April, 2012 (pdf)

José Juan Rodríguez Pérez

State Language School of Maspalomas (Spain)

Decide, Design, Develop and Evaluate: Computer-Based reading lessons for ESL learners (pdf)

Hind Alotaibi

King Saud University (Saudi Arabia)

Incorporating PBL and ICT into the ELL/ESP Environment of English for Academic Purposes and English for Business Purposes (pdf)

Melissa Caspary

Georgia Gwinnett College (USA)

Clifton D. Wickstrom

Educational Pathways International (USA)

Diane Boothe

Boise State University (USA)

The Mobile Phone as the Multipurpose Information Communication Technology (ICT) Instrument of Language Learning and Development (pdf)

Samson Olasunkanmi Oluga

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)

Abdullahi Akinola Oladipupo

The Federal Polytechnic Ede (Nigeria)

Improving the Teaching and Learning of English Language through the Use of Information and Communication Technology: Prospects and Challenges (pdf)

Olumuyiwa Viatonu

Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (Nigeria)

Kayode Titus Elusakin

Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (Nigeria)

A Rising Teaching Instrument for Very Young Learners: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) (pdf)

H. Kübra Tunçarslan

The Institute of Educational Sciences (Turkey)

The Positive Effects of Integrating ICT in Foreign Language Teaching (pdf)

Korkut Uluc Isisag

Gazi University (Turkey)

EFL Students’ Experiences with Blog-Integrated Writing Instruction (pdf)

Aysel Sahin- Kizil

Firat University (Turkey)

Recep Sahin Arslan

Pamukkale University (Turkey)

Building Bridges with Language: a Genuine Experience for Iranian Students (pdf)

Reyhaneh Ghadirzadeh

Saveh Branch, Islamic Azad University (Iran)

Isabel Fernandes Silva

Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (Portugal)

Videopodcasts in English language learning: a great tool or another gimmick? (pdf)

Artur André Martinez Campos

Tiradentes University (Brazil)

English Writing and Presentation Using Web-English (pdf)

Hideko Nakano

Kyushu Women’s University (Japan)

Let’s Learn English with the Interactive Whiteboard! (pdf)

Sabrina Campregher

Free University of Bolzano (Italy)

How a Non-Digital-Native Teacher Makes Use of Edmodo (pdf)

Chada Kongchan

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand)

ICT and the problem of Integration in the Teaching / Learning of French as a Foreign Language in Iran (pdf)

Mohamad-Hossein Otroshi

Université du Maine (France)

Jean-François Bourdet

CREN-InEdUM (France)

Learning a Second Language in a Learning Community ""Second Life"": Critical Issues and Possible Developments (pdf)

Damiano Longo

Università Ca' Foscari (Italy)

Student communication using a ‘social wall’ on a pre-arrival online course (pdf)

Julie Watson

University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

How to Make Active Interactions in Japanese as a Second Language in the Web-Based Classes (pdf)

Rieko Saito

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Masako Thor

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Twitter and English Pronunciation Teaching (pdf)

Jonas Fouz

University of Murcia (Spain)

Jose A. Mompean

University of Murcia (Spain)

Towards a Collaborative Learning Environment through ICT: a Case Study (pdf)

Suryani Atan

Ministry of Education (Singapore)

ICT-based language learning as a necessity and opportunity of the modern era (pdf)

Petja Janžekovic

Public University of Ptuj (Slovenia)

Klavdija Markež

Public University of Ptuj (Slovenia)

Enhancing Interactions with Mobile Devices in Language Classrooms (pdf)

Sean McMinn

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China)

Yanlin Li

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China)

Foreign Language Acquisition through 3-D Game-like Applications (pdf)

Anke Berns

Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)

Manuel Palomo- Duarte

Universidad de Cádiz (Spain)

Video Conferencing: Advantages and Limitations in Teaching Intercultural Communication in Foreign Language Education (pdf)

Wei Hing Ip

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

The JOYN 2.0 Project – Social Networking and Language Learning: Some Preliminary Insights (pdf)

Elaine Riordan

University of Hull (United Kingdom)

Phil James

The Granary Learning Centre (Ireland)

Audiobook in Advanced ESL Classroom: Developing Critical Listening (pdf)

Ekaterina V. Talalakina

National Research University Higher School Of Economics (Russia)

ICT Based Language Teaching and Learning Approaches for Learners for Undergraduate (pdf)

Mangalkumar R. Patil

Dr. Ghali College, Gadhinglaj (India)

Autonomous Computer-Assisted Language Learning: Turkish Primary School Students’ Perceptions of DynED Software (pdf)

Serpil Meri

University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

i-Connect High School (pdf)

Christine Muldoon

University of Washington (USA)

Digital Literature in the College Classroom (pdf)

Despoina Feleki

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

The Use of Twitter in Language Learning and Teaching (pdf)

Esra Harmandaoglu

Gazi University (Turkey)

Multimedia Enrichment for Language Learning (pdf)

Guilherme Calandrini

University of Alcalá (Spain)

Alfredo Gardel

University of Alcalá (Spain)

Initiating Integrative Motivation for Learning L2 using ICT (pdf)

Stars Jasmine

Anna University (India)

Teaching English in the Information Society: Outlining 21st Century English Teachers’ Profile and their Perceptions towards CALL (pdf)

Anabela Fernandes Guedes

Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Lamego (Portugal)

Getting Started in Virtual Worlds with the EUROVERSITY Network (pdf)

Luisa Panichi

University of Hull (United Kingdom)

Christel Schneider

CSiTrain (Germany)

Collaborative construction of glossaries in language learning: an integration of the lexical approach and constructionism through blended learning (pdf)

Luisa Bozzo

University of Turin (Italy)

Towards Communicative CALL: Specifying Dialogue-based Activities (pdf)

Magdalena Wolska

Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)

Andrea Horbach

Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)

Ciprian Gerstenberger

Universitetet i Tromsø (Norway)

Diana Steffen

Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)

Manfred Pinkal

Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)

The Use of the ICTS to Improve University Students’ Oral Presentations (pdf)

María Luisa Renau Renau

Universitat Jaume I (Spain)

The benefits of social networking for tertiary education language programmes for non-philology students (pdf)

Maria Stoicheva

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Bulgaria)

Nikolina Tsvetkova

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Bulgaria)

Handheld Learning: Theory and Practical Applications to Language Learning (pdf)

Michael Carrier

British Council (United Kingdom)

Gamification as a new direction in teaching Polish as a foreign language (pdf)

Emilia Danowska- Florczyk

University of Warsaw (Poland)

Piotr Mostowski

University of Warsaw (Poland)

Investigating the Effects of Twitter on Developing a Social learning environment to support Japanese EFL students’ self-regulated learning (pdf)

Sachiyo Sekiguchi

Bunkyo University (Japan)

Teletandem: Transculturality and identity in webcam interactions in foreign languages (pdf)

João A. Telles

UNESP – Universidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil)

Using Moodle to facilitate English to Advanced Students (pdf)

María Isabel García Marín

EOI Murcia (Spain)

European Language Portfolio in Praxis (pdf)

Michala Cicváková

National Institute for Education (Czech Republic)

Students' Attitudes Towards the Use of Social Networks for Learning the English Language (pdf)

Elham Akbari

Utrecht University (The Netherland)

Soodeh Eghtesad

Tehran University (Iran)

Robert-Jan Simons

Utrecht University (The Netherland)

Engaging Institutional Infrastructures to Support Curricular Innovation (pdf)

Michele Ninacs

Buffalo State College (USA)

Computer Mediated Oral Communication for French L2 Learners (pdf)

Adel Jebali

Concordia University (Canada)

Designing for Inclusion through Incidental Language Learning (pdf)

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme

The Open University (United Kingdom)

Digital Networks in Language Learning: Instant Messaging and the Practice and Acquisition of Writing Skills (pdf)

Luis Guerra

University of Evora (Portugal)

Blogger Community and its Role in Writing Skill Development: a Case Study of Bogor Blogger Community in Indonesia (pdf)

Nur Utami Sk

Pakuan University (Indonesia)

ICT for Language Learning in Nigerian Primary Education (pdf)

Joy C. Duruamaku- Dim

University of Calabar (Nigeria)

Nnamdi Anero

Ignatius Ajuru University (Nigeria)

Interactive Mobile Language Learning in a Changing Europe: ICT Approaches in the LANGO Project (pdf)

Alan Bruce

Universal Learning Systems (Ireland)

Diana Tsotova

Euroinform (Bulgaria)

Bridge to Better English,an English Grammar and Academic Writing Course: Design, Practice, and Evaluation (pdf)

Maryam Shoja

KDU University College (Malaysia)

Exploring task effects in collaborative writing: Designing an ICT-based replication of Swain and Lapkin (pdf)

Greg Rouault

Konan University (Japan)

Integrating Multiple Literacies and Digital Storytelling in Language Learning: a Case Study (pdf)

Cristina Lourenço

Universidade do Minho (Portugal)

Altina Ramos

Universidade do Minho (Portugal)

Hypersmart Kids: a Case Study on the Response of Students with Dyslexia and ADHD to Educational Software Games in English Language Learning (pdf)

Jeanne Li Jun Tan

Dyslexia Association of Singapore (Singapore)

Nicole Mei-Lin Chua

Dyslexia Association of Singapore (Singapore)

Research Abstract Templates: the Skeletons are Out of the Virtual Cupboard (pdf)

John Blake

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)

Cultural Stereotypes in a Constructivist Approach: Language Graduates Use ICT to Understand Their Cliches (pdf)

Ligia Sarivan

Institute for Educational Sciences Bucharest University of Ploiesti (Romania)

Blending IT in ESP Courses: University Students' Responses (pdf)

Stavroulla Hadjiconstantinou

Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

Christina Yerou

Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus)

Mental construction by means of ICT - essential element for the customized textbook development' Responses (pdf)

Marcel Bâlici

University “N. Testemiteanu” (Republic of Moldova)

Nadejda Bâlici

University “N. Testemiteanu” (Republic of Moldova)

Nadejda Bâlici

University “N. Testemiteanu” (Republic of Moldova)

Helping Educators Build Personal Learning Networks' Responses (pdf)

Anca Colibaba

EuroEd Foundation (Romania)

Monica Vlad

EuroEd Foundation (Romania)

Cintia Colibaba

University of Agronomy (Romania)

Criteria for the Evaluation of Websites for the Teaching of English as a Second Language. Web Supported English Learning in Greece' Responses (pdf)

Evriklea Dogoriti

University of Ioannina (Greece)

Jenny Pagge

University of Ioannina (Greece)

Language learning for specific purposes

Title of Paper



Amateur Video-Films as a Means of Learning English as LSP (pdf)

Nataliya Belenkova

People’s Friendship University of Russia (Russia)

Developing Accumulative Profession-Oriented Reading Skills of Students of History Departments on the grounds of Learning Culture through Language Approach (pdf)

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

National Research University (Russia)

Foreign Languages in the Modern Job Market: Languages for Special Purposes (pdf)

Svetlana V. Tyutina

Florida International University (USA)

Pronunciation Problems in Aeronautical Engineering Students’ Presentations (pdf)

Dietmar Tatzl

FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Erasmus Intensive Learning Course at Faculty of Arts of Porto University: a Blended-Leaning Experience (pdf)

Ana Isabel Fernandes

Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Ana Paula Teixeira

Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Ângela Carvalho

Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Teresa Correia

Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Fátima Silva

Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Internet Resources in Teaching Written Academic Discourse to Technical Students (pdf)

Tatyana Sidorenko

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia)

Svetlana Rybushkina

Institute of Cybernetics (Russia)

Relating Students’ Perceptions and Use of ICT to their Language Learning Aims (pdf)

Ruth Trinder

Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria)

Self-managing Skills for Web-based Language Learning in a Corporate Setting (pdf)

Alexandra Berndt

Speexx – digital publishing s.r.l. (Italy)

The Implementation of Genre Analysis to Teaching Selected Business English Genres (pdf)

Pawel Zakrajewski

University of Silesia (Poland)

ICT and e-Learning Scenario-based Approaches for Communicative Maritime English Teaching and Learning (pdf)

Sofia Tsekeridou

Athens Information Technology (Greece)

Alexandros Tagoulis

Athens Information Technology (Greece)

Jennie Kallergi

1st Evening Voc. Senior School of Egaleo (Greece)

What Makes E-mail Communication Effective? A Discourse Analysis in an International Business Sector (pdf)

Mohammod Moninoor Roshid

Monash University (Australia)

Language teacher training

Title of Paper



Innovations in Czech Language Teacher Training (pdf)

Stanislav Štepáník

Charles University (Czech Republic)

Martina Šmejkalová

Charles University (Czech Republic)

Developing Foreign Language Competence of Primary Teachers (pdf)

Audrone Auškeliene

Public Service Language Centre (Lithuania)

Nida Burneikaite

Public Service Language Centre (Lithuania)

Understanding Academic Staff’s non-Use of ICT in Foreign Language Teaching: a Case Study in Vietnam (pdf)

Xuan Thu Dang

La Trobe University (Australia)

Setting Several Irons in the Fire: Application of ICT in Teacher Education (pdf)

Amitha Ruth Gone

English and Foreign Languages University (India)

Virtual Community for Professional Development of Japanese Language Teachers (pdf)

Yukari Kato

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)

Teacher’s Leadership in Web-Based Language Courses in Dalarna University – Sweden (pdf)

Alex Santos Pruth

Dalarna University (Sweden)

The Relationship Between Students’ Achievement, Socio-Economic Orientations and Willingness to communicate in English in Iranian context (pdf)

Najme Pourjafarian

Fars Education Organization (Iran)

Monitoring and evaluation of language teaching and learning

Title of Paper



E-Learning Methodology in Austrian Adult Education based on English e-Grammar for adult ESL learners (pdf)

Christina Auer

E-Learning Competence Center of Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut/Graz (Austria)

Pedagogical Methods in Web-Based Language Teaching-Mapping (pdf)

Rieko Saito

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Alex Santos Pruth

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Hiroko Inose

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Yoko Mizufune

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Masako Hayakawa Thor

Dalarna University (Sweden)

Social and Cultural Impediments to the Adoption of ICT for Language Learning in Japan (pdf)

Michelle Henault Morrone

Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences (Japan)

Simple and Easy Evaluation Method Using a Pull-down Function of PC to evaluate each of 30 - 40 children in an English Activity Class Fairly (pdf)

Kayoko Fukuchi

Kobe Kaisei College (Japan)

Language learning to support international Mobility

Title of Paper



Intercultural Language Learning for Illiterate Adults (ILLIAD) (pdf)

Iliyan Uzunov

Sirma Media Jsc (Bulgaria)


Title of Paper



A Synoptic Juxtaposition of Cognate Languages – European Integration through Multilingualism (pdf)

Piotr Wahl

Szczecin University (Poland)

The effects of bilingualism on phonological awareness and word reading tasks in primary school children (pdf)

Niloufar Jalali- Moghadam

Örebro University (Sweden)

Reza Kormi- Nouri

Örebro University (Sweden)

Åke Olofsson

Umeå University (Sweden)

Quality and innovation in language teaching and learning

Title of Paper



SignMedia - Interactive Media English for the Deaf (pdf)

Franz Dotter

University of Klagenfurt (Austria)

Designing Authentic Social Networking Contents: a Sample from Wikispaces for Writing Enrichment (pdf)

Ahmed A. Al Khateeb

University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

Incorporating Critical Thinking into EFL Curriculum through Fictional-Narrative Based Reading & Awareness of Consequences Technique (pdf)

Azar Hosseini Fatemi

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran)

New Literacies: Online Comprehension Strategies for EFL Teacher Education in Thailand (pdf)

Apasara Chinwonno

Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

The Effect of Negotiation-Based Focus on Form on EFL Learners’ Writing Ability (pdf)

Gollar Troian

Sorbonne Nouvelle (France)

Mahnaz Saeidi

Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University (Iran)

Formal Language Teaching versus Informal Language Learning Supported by Mobile Devices (pdf)

Barbara Gramegna

Ca'Foscari University (Italy)

Online Song-based Courseware to Teach Japanese Language, Culture and Society (pdf)

Rumiko Shinzato

Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

The Computer as Mirror – Primary School Teacher Trainees’ Reflections on Exploring the Potential of ICTs for Teacher Surrogacy (pdf)

Magdalen Phillips

Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom)

Generational thoughts: Teaching and learning foreign languages with book trailers (pdf)

Ida Cortoni

Sapienza University (Italy)

Contributions to Implementing New Communication Perspectives in the Academic Environment: the Book Cafe Project (pdf)

Alina Nicoleta Vlad

Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti (Romania)

Andreea-Florentina Moroianu

Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti (Romania)

Emotional Intelligence and Language Learning (pdf)

Elena Aniela Mancas

University of Bucharest (Romania)

Duolingo: Learning a Language for Free (While Translating the Web)? (pdf)

Ignacio Garcia

University of Western Sydney (Australia)

Carmen Cabot

University of New South Wales (Australia)

e-Portfolios for Language Learning and Assessment (pdf)

Liviana Ferrari

York St John University (United Kingdom)

Darya Zhurauskaya

York St John University (United Kingdom)

The Use of Films in the English Class to Raise Students’ Intercultural Awareness (pdf)

Mª Elena Gómez Parra

University of Córdoba (Spain)

Angela Mª Larrea Espinar

University of Córdoba (Spain)

Reflection on the Design and Delivery of a Hybrid Grammar Course (pdf)

Marie-Josée Hamel

University of Ottawa (Canada)

Isabelle LeCoin

Université du Québec en Outaouais (Canada)

From Podcast to Paragraph: Learning How to Write through Listening (pdf)

Nikita S. Alentev

National Research University Higher School Of Economics (Russia)

A 21st-Century Skills Development Pedagogic Model for EFL Academic Programs (pdf)

Randy VanArsdale

Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)

Tara Waller

Zayed University (United Arab Emirates)

Implementing Blended Learning Approach to Enhance the Student Language Learning Experience: the Case of Arabic at Deakin University (pdf)

Abdel-Hakeem Kasem

Deakin University (Australia)

Lang2Tech – Developing Workplace Language Skills Through e-Portfolios (pdf)

Robert Chmielewski

University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Using Songs to Teach Hiragana (pdf)

Moey Lan Cheah

Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)

A. Pandian

Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)

A. S. Joseph

Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)

S. H. Chan

Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia)

Neuroscientific Education: a Multidisciplinary Approach to Second Language Acquisition (pdf)

Lucia Collerone

University of Messina (Italy)

Claudia Castriciano

University of Messina (Italy)

Giuseppe Città

University of Messina (Italy)

Rita Ristagno

University of Messina (Italy)

The ‘Third Place’ of Learning (pdf)

Marie-Thérèse Barbaux

The University of Sydney (Australia)

Pedagogical Implementation of Gender in the Portfolios of a Virtual Post Graduation Course for English Language Teachers in Sao Paulo State Public Schools (pdf)

Vânia Regina Alves de Souza

Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (Brazil)

Language Teaching for Understanding (pdf)

Ana María Ternent de Samper

Independent Education Consultant (Colombia)

Why Is It so Difficult to Understand and Speak a Foreign Language? (pdf)

Julien Pitton

SpeedLingua (Switzerland)

Christian Schmidt

DACH (Germany)

Flipping Language Learning (pdf)

Rosa Njoo

APS, Gerrit Rietveld College (The Netherland)

Michel van Ast

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (The Netherland)

Drama in Education (pdf)

Klára Synková

The Charles University (Czech Republic)

Language Rich Europe - an Innovative Index(pdf)

Stefan Colibaba

EuroEd Foundation (Romania)

Ruxandra Popovici

British Council Romania (Romania)

Studies on Second Language Acquisition

Title of Paper



Adaptive Mentorship: a More Individualized Model for Teaching Writing in a Foreign Language (pdf)

Roya Khoii

Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch (Iran)

The Relationship Between Age and Corrective Feedback in Oral Communication (pdf)

Nahid Zarei

Islamic Azad University,Maragheh Branch (Iran)

A New Approach to Language Acquisition and Learning: Beyond Skinner and Chomsky (pdf)

Abdurrahman Gulbeyaz

Osaka University (Japan)

Language Learning Strategies in English and Croatian Sign Language as Foreign Languages (pdf)

Renata Möhr Nemcic

University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Mihaela Jakovac

University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Sandra Bradaric- Joncic

University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Perceived Competence and Communication Apprehension – the Affective Variables of Willingness to Communicate in L1 and FL (pdf)

Dagmara Galajda

University of Silesia (Poland)

L2 vocabulary acquisition: an experimental study of cross-linguistic interaction in adult bilingual mental lexicon (pdf)

Tamara Dotsenko

Perm State Pedagogical University (Russia)

Yuliya Leshchenko

Perm State Pedagogical University (Russia)

CALL in Second Language Acquisition: Introducing a German Textbook Based Translation Game in a Geneva Middle School Class (pdf)

Claudia Baur

Université de Genève (Switzerland)

Innovation and Resourcefulness in the Teaching of Foreign Languages to Immigrant Students: Three Case Studies in Spain (pdf)

Gemma Delicado Puerto

University of Extremadura (Spain)

Mercedes Rico García

University of Extremadura (Spain)

Eva Mª Domínguez Gómez

University of Extremadura (Spain)

Using Mixed Methods to Investigate the Relationship between Student Motivation and Academic Achievement from Sociocultural Perspective (pdf)

Le Huong Hoa

Police University (Vietnam)

Exploiting Electronic Learner Corpora and analysing learners´ variables - “The younger you are the better you learn the foreign language!” (pdf)

Katerina Florou

University of Athens (Greece)

Strong Motivation to Learn English in Japan with TOEIC and CAI (pdf)

Naoshi Kanazawa

Nara National College of Technology (Japan)

Teaching of the ambiguity words translation (pdf)

Lesia Soldatova

Kyiv University named after B. Grynchenko (Ukraine)