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Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings have all been included in a book with ISBN code (978-88-6292-351-4), published by Libreriauniversitaria.it.

Enhancing Students’ Motivation

Title of Paper



Redressing Students’ Motivation and Academic Achievement in Biology Education at the Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo (pdf)

Martina Ivie Araoye

Federal College of Education - Special (Nigeria)

Science Education as a Powerful Tool for Visual Learning (pdf)

Francisco Javier Seron Torrecilla

Zaragoza University (Spain)

Young Science Journalism – High School Students Compose Natural Science Articles (pdf)

Uwe K. Simon

Karl-Franzens-University Graz (Austria)

Out of Forty (pdf)

Stanko Blatnik

IPAK Institute (Slovenia)

STEP - Step towards the Popularization of Research and Technology (pdf)

Anna Mittnerova

Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (Czech Republic)

New Technologies for Science Teaching

Title of Paper



Students’ Virtual Learning Styles in an Online Context (pdf)

Maria de Fátima Goulao

Universidade Aberta (Portugal)

A Research Based E-Learning Process for Teacher Formation on Quantum Mechanic (pdf)

Alberto Stefanel

University of Udine (Italy)

Innovative Tools for Teaching Sciences in Schools: EcoLogicaCup, a National Initiative for Students (pdf)

Franca Sangiorgio

University of Salento (Italy)

CLAST: a Science Education App for Tablet Examining the Dynamic of an Antarctic Glacial System (pdf)

Maddalena Macario

University of Camerino (Italy)

ICT, Films and Sustainability: an Experience in Teachers Training Program (pdf)

Rosario Marcos

Universidad de León (Spain)

Rosa Eva Valle

Universidad de León (Spain)

Nanosilver in Chemistry Class a Web Inquiry Project (pdf)

Timm Wilke

Georg-August-University (Germany)

Teaching Brownfield Regeneration in Romania (pdf)

Nicolas Samson

Technical University Gh.Asachi (Romania)

BLUKONE - A Blended Learning Teaching Concept for Sustainable Energy Management Competences (pdf)

Ilse Bartosch

University of Vienna (Austria)

Roswitha Avalos Ortiz

University of Vienna (Austria)

Science Communication

Title of Paper



Mind the Gap: Bridging the Gap between Scientists, Mathematicians and Elementary School Students (pdf)

Carmel Bar

The Davidson Institute of Science Education (Israel)

The Process of Becoming not Valuing Science Study during Secondary School in Japan (pdf)

Yasushi Ogura

Saitama University (Japan)

Kenichi Goto

National Institute for Educational Policy Research (Japan)

Acquiring Science Communication Skills through Conference Simulation (pdf)

Els Laenens

University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Science Education and Disabled People

Title of Paper



“Re-Simulating”: Physics Simulations for Blind Students (pdf)

Dilber Demirtas

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Testing Context Based, Self Learning Material with a Blind Student: A Wisdom Box (pdf)

Belkis Garip

Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

H.E.P.P.Y. Healthcare: Parent’s Pathways and Functional Profile (pdf)

Sabrina Grigolo

Gradenigo Hospital (Italy)

Science Education Projects and Initiatives

Title of Paper



TY Science: Developing New Context-based Teaching (pdf)

Peter E. Childs

University of Limerick (Ireland)

Development of Strategies for Teaching School Science by Using Heuristic Method (pdf)

Geetanjali S. Patil

Shivaji University (India)

Interdisciplinary Capstone Group Project: CubeSat System Development in a Small-sized Institution (pdf)

Haklin Kimm

East Stroudsburg University (USA)

The Use of Social Networks as a Tool to Increase Interest in Science and Science Literacy: a Case Study of Creative Minds Facebook Page (pdf)

Bisan Battrawi

A.M. Qattan Foundation (Palestine)

Rami Muhtaseb

A.M. Qattan Foundation (Palestine)

The Nanolab Project: Educational Nanoscience for High Schools (pdf)

Guido Goldoni

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

School/University Collaboration for the Study of Nanotechnology: Russian Experience (pdf)

Alexander E. Sobolev

Tver State Technical University (Russia)

Virtual Excursions: a New Way to Explore Science in Class (pdf)

Gina Mihai

European Schoolnet (Belgium)

Reinventing the Role of Museums in Science Education (pdf)

Nicole Kowrach

Museum of Science and Industry (USA)

Reinventing the Role of Museums in Science Education (pdf)

Bryan Wunar

Museum of Science and Industry (USA)

Establishing Introductory Chemistry Courses at Universities (pdf)

Kai Wolf

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)

Bringing Affordable Experimental Chemistry to Rural Thai Government High Schools. (pdf)

Veeramol Vailikhit

Kasetsart University (Thailand)

An Initiative to Make Mathematical and Physical Theory Accessible by Means of Aviation (pdf)

Bruno Wiesler


Inspiring Science: Supporting Contemporary Developments in Science Education through Sustainable Capacity Building Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Comprehensive Teaching Resources (pdf)

Kanchulee Punyain

Ministry of Education (Thailand)

Teaching the Concept of Water Using Project Method (pdf)

Anna Thysiadou

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Evanthia Thysiadou

University of Crete (Greece)

Panagiotis Giannakoudakis

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)

Thomas Spanos

Technological Education Institute of Kavala (Greece)

Developing an Assessment Approach to Complement Science Inquiry (pdf)

Chris Harrison

King’s College London (United Kingdom)

EU-UNAWE: an FP 7th Project to Inspire Young Underprivileged Children (pdf)

Lara Albanese

INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri (Italy)

Alessandra Zanazzi

INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri (Italy)

EURAC Junior: Bringing Science and Research into the Classroom (pdf)

Francesca Taponecco

European Academy of Bolzano - EURAC (Italy)

Science in Different Learning Styles and Environments; a Science Education Project with the UNESCO Chair of Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania (pdf)

Silvia Florea

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania)

Teaching Science at School (pdf)

Maria Maddalena Carnasciali

University of Genoa (Italy)

Science Education Resources and Activities

Title of Paper



Tutoring in Middle Mexican School: a Resource to Promote Integral Education (pdf)

Fausto Medina Esparza

Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Educativo (Mexico)

Design of a Collection of Plasmids as a Tool for Genomic Teaching Activities (pdf)

Antonio Domenech-Sanchez

Universitat de les Illes Balears (Spain)

Teacher’s Views Towards Concept Cartoons Supported Problem Based Learning (pdf)

Suat Turkoguz

Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey)

A Plant Is Born to the Potato. Plant Model Evolution in Children (pdf)

Luca Reggiani

University of applied sciences of Southern Switzerland (Switzerland)

Studies on Science Education

Title of Paper



Using Concept Maps to Document Environmental Education Program Impact (pdf)

Nicholas Bourke

Auburn University Montgomery (USA)

Connie Buskist

Auburn University Montgomery (USA)

When Science Should Be Taught in English Only: Spanish Language Use in a Dual Language Classroom for Science Biliteracy Development (pdf)

Armando Garza

University of Texas at San Antonio (USA)

Photoelectric Experiment with Adobe Flash Program (pdf)

Hatice Kirmaci

Sisli Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)

Enhancing Learners’ Attitudes and Interest in Organic Chemistry (pdf)

Anne O’Dwyer

University of Limerick (Ireland)

Peter E. Childs

University of Limerick (Ireland)

Conceptions and Models of Secondary Students Learning Superconductivity (pdf)

Marisa Michelini

University of Udine (Italy)

Innovative Approaches in Science Education Explored through a Gender Perspective in the Context of a Knowledge-based Society (pdf)

Blerjana Bino

London School of Economics and Queen Mary (United Kingdom)

Erjon Curraj

European University of Tirana (Albania)

Children’s Conceptions About Animals, Plants and Nonliving Things Before and After Instruction (pdf)

Caterina Lorenzi

University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)

The Effects of the Using of Problem Based Learning in Science Education on Inquiry Learning Skills of Students (pdf)

Ali Gunay Balim

Eylul University (Turkey)

Science Outreach and Science Education at Primary Level in Ireland: a Mixed Methods Study (pdf)

Diogo Gomes

National University of Ireland (Ireland)

Nanomaterials in Everyday Life (pdf)

Elina Schwenson

Georg-August-University (Germany)

Heterogeneity among First Year Students: an Analysis of the Entry Requirements in Chemistry Studies (pdf)

Nina Intorp

Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany)

Climate Change and Adaptation Concepts: an Indispensable Curriculum Innovation at Higher and Basic Levels of Education in Developing Countries of Africa. (pdf)

Ezeugwu Justin Ohabuenyi

University of Nigeria (Nigeria)

School to Work Transitions among Young People in Spain from European Perspective (pdf)

Almudena Moreno Minguez

Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)

Enrique Crespo Ballesteros

Universidad de Valladolid (Spain)

The Nature of the Metaconceptual Processes of Students During the Implementation of Metaconceptual Teaching Activities (pdf)

Zubeyde Demet Kirbulut

Harran University (Turkey)

Science Teaching Methods

Title of Paper



WI.RE Technique: A Different Approach to Help High School Students to Improve their Writing and Reading Skills and Abilities in English as Foreign Language (pdf)

Oscar Javier Martinez- Alaniz

Colegio Cervantes A.C (Mexico)

International Activities in Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education (pdf)

Anna-Maria Bach

Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany)

Thomas Waitz

Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany)

Impact of Problem-based Learning in Learning Force and Motion through Different Styles of Student’s Demonstrator (pdf)

Prissana Rakbamrung

Suratthani Rajabhat University (Thailand)

The Effects of Problem Based Learning Method Integrated Visual Arts on Students’ Science Academic Achievements (pdf)

Sevinc Kacar

Dokuz Eylül University (Turkey)

Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Support Complex Environmental Issues Learning (pdf)

José A. Resines Gordaliza

Universidad de León (Spain)

Science and Values in Academic Education (pdf)

Edwin Koster

Free University Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

How to Implement IBSE in Italian Secondary Schools (pdf)

Maria Angela Fontechiari

University of Camerino (Italy)

Relative Effectiveness of Direct Instruction vs. Active Learning in the Teaching of Science (pdf)

Emmanuella Di Scala Fouchereau

IUFM Dijon (France)

Anthony Fouchereau

Lycée Hyppolite Fontaine (France)

A Problem-Solving Approach for Science Learning (pdf)

Rushikesh Kirtikar

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India)

Considering Density through a Numeracy Lens: Implications for Science Teaching (pdf)

Shelley Dole

The University of Queensland (Australia)

Teaching by Analogies (pdf)

Nicolň Osterwalder

Ufficio dell’Insegnamento Medio - UIM (Switzerland)

ESTABLISH - Inquiry Based Science Education Online Content (pdf)

Angele Giuliano

AcrossLimits (Malta)

Maryrose Francica

AcrossLimits (Malta)

Training of Science Teachers

Title of Paper



In-Service Teacher Training to Take Ibse Approach into Earth Science Teaching in Italian Secondary Schools (pdf)

Barbara Scapellato

University of Camerino (Italy)

Using Ancient Chinese and Greek Astronomical Data: a Training Sequence in Elementary Astronomy for Pre-Service Primary School Teachers (pdf)

Cécile de Hosson

LDAR - Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 (France)

Nicolas Decamp

LDAR - Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 (France)

Collaborative Curriculum Design to Increase Science Teaching Self-efficacy: a Case Study (pdf)

Chantal Velthuis

Edith Stein University for Teacher Education (The Netherlands)

What Teachers Know, What They Expect Pupils Know and the Implication on Learning: the Case of Astronomy (pdf)

Cinzia Ronchi

University Roma Tre (Italy)

Inquiry-Based Teacher Training for a Sustainable Future (pdf)

Suzanne Kapelari

University Innsbruck (Austria)

Primary Teacher Training – Improving Confidence in Scaffolding “Tricky Science Concepts” – A Practical Learning Journey Model (pdf)

Karen H. Blackmore

University of Worcester (United Kingdom)

A ‘Blended’ Model for Science Teachers Training (pdf)

Serena Goracci

INDIRE - National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (Italy)

Enhanced “Problem-Based Learning” through an Innovative Virtual Learning Environment: an Opportunity for Science Teachers (pdf)

Susanna Correnti

Consorzio FOR.COM (Italy)

Inquire for Students - How to Promote Inquiry Based Learning? (pdf)

Doris Elster

University of Bremen (Germany)

The Many Sides of the Moon (pdf)

Tommaso Corridoni

University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (Switzerland)

The Importance of English for Science Teachers in the Albanian Context (pdf)

Arben Bushgjokaj

“Luigj Gurakuqi” University of Shkodra (Albania)

Initial Characterization of a Colombian High School Physics Teacher' Pedagogical Content Knowledge on Electric Fields (pdf)

Lina Viviana Melo Nino

Universidad de Extremadura (Spain)

Design and Implementation of an Initial Primary Teachers Training Course Through Modeling-Based Inquiry (pdf)

María Martinez-Chico

University of Almería (Spain)