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The scientific and organisational committee of the "New Perspective in Science Education" conference is composed of:

Milena Koleva
Institution: Technical University of Gabrovo
Country: Bulgaria
Areas of Expertise: General Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Material Science, Environmental Chemistry, Waste Management
Dionysios Koulougliotis
Institution: Technological Educational Institution of the Ionian Islands
Country: Greece
Areas of Expertise: Physics and Biophysical Chemistry
Marie Walsh
Institution: Limerick Institute of Technology
Country: Ireland
Areas of Expertise: Communicating Science, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Marilena Carnasciali
Institution: University of Genova
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Physic Chemistry, as Rare Earth, High Temperature Superconductors (HTSC), X-ray structures determination and micro Raman spectroscopy.
Laura Capelli
Institution: Education Office of the Liguria Regional Government
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: Mathematical Engineering and Simulation
Sabrina Grigolo
Institution: Gradenigo Hospital
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: New Teaching Methodologies and Teaching Techniques in the Health Field
Filomena Barreiro
Institution: Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Country: Portugal
Areas of Expertise: Synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials with special emphasis to polymeric materials from renewable resources
Olga Ferreira
Institution: Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Country: Portugal
Areas of Expertise: Chemical Engineering
Anca Colibaba
Institution: GR.T.Popa University / EuroED Foundation
Country: Romania
Areas of Expertise: Applied linguistics, ESP, CLIL, sciences of education, innovation in education, quality assurance in education, CLIL approaches to the communication patient-medical staff and bioethics
Stefan Colibaba
Institution: Al.I. Cuza University
Country: Romania
Areas of Expertise: CLIL approaches to teaching science subjects, Education Sciences, ESP, Curriculum development, Quality assurance in higher education
Murat Demirbas
Institution: Kirikkale University Education Faculty
Country: Turkey
Areas of Expertise: Science Education
Luisa Panichi
Institution: University of Hull
Country: United Kingdom
Areas of Expertise: Language teaching, computer mediated communication, virtual world platforms for education and training including science and business.
Peter E. Childs
Institution: University of Limerick
Country: Ireland
Areas of Expertise: Chemical education, chemistry misconceptions, chemistry demonstrations, language in science teaching, curriculum development.
Suzanne Kapelari
Institution: University Innsbruck
Country: Austria
Areas of Expertise: Inquiry Based Science Education, Learning Science through Research Apprenticeships, Botanic Garden Education, Science Teachers Continual Professional Development (CPD).
Anna Mittnerova
Institution: Institute of Chemical Technology Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Areas of Expertise:
Massimo Olivotto
Institution: University of Florence
Country: Italy
Areas of Expertise: