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Normative basis for control and evaluation of students, practising futsal at University of National and World Economy

Ivan Stoilov, UNWE (Bulgaria)



The students at University of National and World Economy have the opportunity to practice futsal as part of the process of training in Physical Education and Sport. Obviously those of them who possess and further create the required qualities, can represent the university should the opportunity arise, in a succession of futsal championships and tournament as part of the university first team in futsal.


One of the most significant problems in modern sports training is that concerning control and optimization of the sports training. “The control is part of the cognitive activity of a person when information is amassed and a real assessment of the state of a certain object is made so that its development and further perfection could be achieved.” /D.Dasheva, L.Kristev, S.Neykov, 2000/. The main designation of such control is the training and competitive process to be optimized by obtaining an impartial assessment of the effect of the training influence applied on the sportsman. The object of the control is the main factors for a sports achievement which correlates significantly to the sports achievement itself and is liable to development and management under the influence of specific training means and methods. The most generalizing criteria for training are the sports result manifested at the competitions. Though it does not enable us to control all particular sides of the sports training /physical, technical, tactical, etc/. For this reason a system of tests /test batteries/ is used which affords opportunities to define the level achieved in any particular component of the sports training.


The test battery used for control and evaluation of students practicing futsal includes 9 tests evaluating the physical and technical preparation. It can be regarded that the so chosen control tests can absolutely precisely define the level of the specific physical and technical abilities for a successful practicing the game.

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