The Future of Education

Edition 8

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Future Proofing Curriculum Design and Delivery for a Digitally Disrupted World (Great Landing, Right Airport)

Nigel C Studdart, NorthTec (New Zealand)

Graeme Haywood, NorthTec (New Zealand)

Vasi Doncheva, NorthTec (New Zealand)


We have always lived in a world of change, but the pace of change is accelerating at an unprecedented level. The education system, like a supertanker is both complex to maneuver and slow to change. A mismatch between the current system and future employment means that while we may safely land our students they may be at the wrong airport. Research in a local indigenous community has led to development of a future based integrated educational approach. This paper discusses digital immigrants, digital natives and the digitally disabled and considers using horizontal management tools in the digital age such as “Agile,” for curriculum design and execution to provide a learning experience for students that will serve them well into the workplace. Students work in Innovation Scrum teams where learning outcomes are problems solved by creative solutions. Assessment is based on teamwork solutions of instructional dilemmas and wicked problems building portfolios of real world solutions. It considers educational design in commercial terms in respect of developing a minimal viable product (MVP), and through iterations building a minimal lovable product (MLP).  It suggests using Learning Out Loud (LOL) as a way of evolving learning experience into complex systems and fractal organizations and landing our students at the “right airport”.

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