The Future of Education

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All the participants at the end of Conference were asked to fill in the Conference Evaluation Form. Below you can find their comments.

Participant Comment
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Everything was excellent. Knowledgeable talks, researchers from all over the world, friendly disposition. Extremely helpful staff, communicative and knowledgeable, friendly. It gave the feeling of confidence and experience. Everything went like a dream.
Cal Poly Pomona
United States of America
It was wonderful to meet people from around the world and hear about their research interests. There was also relevant and interesting research being presented. Everyone was an experienced researcher and there were a lot of topics to choose from, which made it interesting.
Mary Immaculate College
This was a small conference and the quality of papers and presentations was excellent. The schedule was well organised and presentations were carefully chaired. the online sessions were clear and interactive and the website and communication with Conference Secretariat was excellent. There were no weaknesses. I would recommend this conference to colleagues.
The University of Queensland
Great conference service and support and good opportunities this conference provided for me to know the latest findings and opinions in language education. All the speakers I listened were great who could clearly and logically introduce their ideas, findings and suggestions. Also moderators played a very important role as they helped to moderate the steps of each session and provided assistance and inspiration to participants a lot.
California Polytechnic University
United States of America
Very well organized and efficient meeting. I enjoyed the collective input from researchers around the globe. Excellent quality. Both speakers and moderators covered relevant topics in education and made connections across continents. I liked everything.
Essential Skills Group
The chance to attend a large variety of presentation, meeting new colleagues and sharing views and opinions - not least from differing learning cultures. It's international scope. It's useful to see what other countries and doing. Also, I appreciated the tour of Florence and the dinner out on the first night. Well done! Opportunities to speak with other attendees are really helpful.
Nord University
Moderators did a terrific job! I was very impressed by their knowledge and ability to distill the salient points. Well done. It's international scope. It's useful to see what other countries and doing. Also, I appreciated the tour of Florence and the dinner out on the first night. Well done! Opportunities to speak with other attendees are really helpful.
Hacettepe University
Especially my own moderators, each of them were researchers who spoke clearly, acted understandingly and adopted a facilitating role. The speakers were also quality researchers doing international studies. Each of them was to the extent that I could take a role model. The presence of researchers from all over the world, the friendly staff.
R. M. M.
Institut Teknologi Del
This is one of the best international conferences where organizers are specialized in conducting an event that can attract the best experts and educators to disseminate their study-supported observations, theories, recommendations and engage in enlightening discussions about present, future challenges and issues in education for tangible solutions or enhancement. Among them, the Weizmann Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, RMIT, University of Leeds, Hull University, Hebrew University, University of Jordan, University of Florence and many others from all around the world. To me personally, it has been a really worthwhile experience for a paper presentation, I could learn new perspectives in education and ways of teaching directly from experts.
B. S.
University of Graz
I really enjoyed the conference: I had the opportunity to learn a lot and have interesting talk to peole from all over the world. The broad horizons of the presentations are what I liked the most.
L. W.
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Thank you! Once again the conference had a great organization and arrangement. There were varied papers and contents for a great inspiration experience: The Future of Education is still so very different as we are at different stages. There's still much to learn and much food for thought!
A. B. B.
North Park University
United States
You are doing the best! I have attended many conferences around the world, and yours is definitely the very best. The organization was excellent, everything was perfect for a high quality conference.
A. C.
Department of Biochemistry, Manipal University
All was good, I really liked the conference. There has been a great hospitality and cordial atmosphere, with a meticulous attention to detail in arranging every possible thing for the participants.
A. G.
Melaka Manipal Medical College Manipal University
The conference was organized with great attention to details and perfectionism. Information provided prior to arriving in Florence was so helpful. Some papers were extremely good, they're something I would take home and apply in my setup.
M. L.
Simon Fraser University, School of Communication
The conference contents were excellent. There were more papers of a critical/theoretical nature, which definitely contributed to the excellence of the conference contents. I was particularly impressed with the organization of the event, its professionalism and its conscientiousness, and the outstanding attention and help of the staff on site.
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
The conference is on a very relevant topic that enables to bring various professionals together. The choice of events was great in its range and quality. Perfect choice of time and place. The organization was very efficient and participant-friendly. Well-done!
Foundation Innove
I really liked the new ideas presented, the subjective viewpoints and all the cross cultural aspects.
Cascadia Community College
I want to thank you and your excellent staff for an amazing conference. It was very professionally organized. I feel very inspired after meeting so many people who are committed to the enterprise of teaching, particularly in higher education. I am eager to follow up on professional connections that were made and that I might never have been able to make had I not found your conference and submitted a paper. Thank you.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
I really liked how the conference was organized and the atmosphere during the whole event.
ST Mary University College
Excellent organization before, during and at the end of event. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
I have to express my gratitude to Pixel for organising such an inspiring and relevant conference which offered good opportunity to raise awareness of new innovations in education and also networking among education professionals.
Šiaulių Saulės Primary School
One of the best conference which I attended during the last 8 years in Europe.
South University Neofit Rieski
The conference was perfectly organized. It was useful for me and my university. The contents of the conference were at the highest level and can help our education system to reform. There were very interesting papers with clear concepts. This conference can help the development of the thinking and ideas of the future of education.
Kaaga-Mela University of Applied Science
Well organized, good contacts before the conference, good facilities and plenty of room, interesting people met for future cooperation. Thank you. Well done! Excellent example of MICE (meetings, incentive, industry conference and exibites)
Skyline University
United Arab Emirates
The best points of the event were the environment and the competence of the organizers.
Amerika Asocio de Instruistoj de Esperanto
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the presentations and the quality of the presenters. I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear good speakers and the chance to meet and talk with the other presenters.
Middle Tennessee State University
Excellent organization! Very helpful staff. Thank you!
Bexley College
Thank you, for making the event a success, the warm reception and professional attitude from the team and delegates was the contributing factor. I learnt from other delegates and hope to maintain contact and apply the knowledge in my practice.
Kharkiv National Medical University
Very well organized conference. Extraordinary presentations, very interesting. Positive atmosphere for communication.
Sultan Quaboos University
I really liked how the conference was organized from the start, the amount of information I got abd the friendliness of all organizers
The College of Saint Rose
We appreciated very much the organization and communication, as well as the efficiency and location. Well done!
Embry-Riddle Aeronatical University
Very well organized, positive feedback with other participants. I enjoyed it all. Great Job!
University of Technology, Sydney
There were so many interesting themes and topics and the length of each presentation was optimal. Plus the location is really beautiful!!
Indiana University Northwest
I liked meeting colleagues form all over the world, sharing ideas and seeing that many of the issues and problems we face in our profession are the same.
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
The Conference different topics and perspectives due to the participation of different countries make it extremely interesting
University of Hawaii
Excellent organization and service. I liked the global perspective and the focus on education innovation and applied research.
Skyline University
United Arab Emirates
The best points of the event were the environment and the competence of the organizers.
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences-Institute SSK
The organisation of the conference was excellent with a particular attention to every detail. It is the best organized conference I ever attended.

The presentation made were interesting, concrete and informative. The speakers were passionate in presenting their ideas. They know how to keep the audience’s attention.

The conference offered a series of interesting alternative perspectives. I enjoyed the good energy shared!

All was great. I enjoyed some forward looking papers and finding out about interesting developments in education. Very good opportunity for networking with people working in similar projects.

I liked the conference very much. I made several contacts with colleagues from all over the world. The papers presented were all very intriguing and varied.

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