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Attitudes and Perceptions of High School Students on the Use of Educational Technology in the Process of Learning a Foreign Language

Mirela Tolić, University of Osijek (Croatia)


In examining the attitudes of high school students and their perceptions about the use of educational technology in the process of learning a foreign language, attended by 112 students of secondary vocational schools who are enrolled in various courses of vocational education. The objectives of the research were to: examine the habits of students concerning their computer and Internet use, examine the views of students on the use of educational technology in the process of learning a foreign language, to examine how students perceive multimedia learning a foreign language as a classical education and the relationship between externality and bet to the use of educational technology in the process of learning a foreign language. When it comes to habits of students related to the operation of the computer and Internet use, it turned out that most of the students has a basic user level of digital literacy, especially in the case of computer literacy as well as the majority of students successfully used software application. Research has shown that students most commonly used mobile application for learning foreign languages ​​(like Duolingo and Babbel), a place for access is the most common computer from home. The purpose to which they most often use Internet applications for learning a foreign language is getting better in a foreign language and to solve homework. Most students have accepted the possibility of the adoption of educational content "learning via the Internet" and only a small proportion of them already had experience with this form of adoption of educational content. We examined the association between variables externalization and attitudes towards the use of educational technology and the same perception and the perception of classical teaching in which it was shown that the externality significantly associated only with the perception of classical teaching.

Key words: educational technology, habits related to work on the computer and use Internet, attitude and perception on the use of educational technology, the perception of classical teaching, externality, multimedia language learning

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