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Using Real and Practical-Oriented Training Aids in Radar Technology Training

Lee Kar Heng, TBSS Center for Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Singapore)


Radar system is one of the most complex system and the associated courses are difficult to conduct to achieve effective learning outcomes from the students or participants.  Radar courses in commercial or military institutions are largely conducted using simulation methods with theoretical analysis.  Some practical components have also been used in some institutions.  Students, hence, are not exposed as much as the training objectives required, to the practical aspects of the complex radar system.  Real systems are used merely in system-specific courses for the training of technicians or engineers to maintain or service the system.

In this paper, the use of real training system is compared against conventional teaching methodology in radar courses.  It will also discuss the pros and cons of using real systems in such courses.  The paper will then present a typical radar training system that provides real signals and realistic phenomenons.  The experience and use of radar training system with course details that has been deployed in some training institutions will then be presented and discussed.  

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