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Choice Architecture within a Technological Puzzle

Daniel Schimmelpfennig, University of Turku (Finland)


The presentation and paper elaborate on the technological puzzle in which we are faitfully enmeshed. The interplay and complex, simultaneous interactions of our world, amplify, annihilate and trigger possibilities and windows of opportunities, or irreversibly eliminate opposite choices and alternatives for preferred future developments. The question remains; can we increase our agency within the process of the realization of future images, in order to access previously sealed options for alternative directions? Can we still coherently reveal the actual condition of a complex and confusing reality, while manifesting humanity’s potentialities to the fullest? From the opaqueness of Richard Nixon’s ‘Madman Theory’ to Vladislav Surkov’s ‘Confusion Politics’, choice architecture in Futures Studies can enable us to comprehend the multiverse of options, the concepts of choiceless choices, meaningful choices, and the illusion of choice. With the currently available tools and methods, we are just at the beginning of deciphering yet unimaginable future possibilities and probabilities. Imagineering the economic and social fictions, ideas not yet realized but depending on scale, obstacles, and limitations within our reach, is consequently also subject to the choices we make. The hypothetical and theoretical occupation of the concept of the future provides in that context the very key of solving the riddles of the technological puzzle of complex and emerging issues.



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