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Sensitization of Cultural Legacy in the Big City: Grand Bukashka and Story Bus (Moscow and Krasnoyarsk)

Marina Avdonina, RUDN University (Russian Federation)

Natallia Zhabo, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (Russian Federation)


The report examines the experience of the development and implementation of socio-urbanistic projects “Grand Bukashka” (Moscow, Russia) and “Storybus” (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) as the events that combine elements of lectures and art event with multimedia support in the form of a ride using the actual language of communication on the move. This innovative format of mass event is attractive to both young and adult educated citizens and forms the cultural code of the city. The events were designed for the general public: we used a famous Moscow trolley bus (25 free rides) and the longest Krasnoyarsk bus route (4 days, 60 minutes, more than 100 times a day).

The tours featured a collection of pre-recorded audio tracks for each stop based on scientific research in the field of history, arts, musicology.

The aim beyond this solution is sensitization with regard to the cultural heritage, space-guidance, urban activism, participation in the cultural evolution of the city. We strive to bring back the memory of the place. The principles of project creation and content aspect are discussed: development of themes, selection of speakers (historians, architects, etc.), interviews treatment, itinerary. The project team defines the emotional aspects of city perception to make the participants feel together with think. It is a synthesis of art (music – light – words) emotional tension around architectural objects

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