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Intellectual Property Knowledge – A Necessity In The Contemporary Higher Education

Maria Markova, University of national and world economy (Bulgaria)


In knowledge based society, the knowledge of IP system as objects, rights and their management is a necessity in higher education. Whether higher education is oriented: in the arts, in the technical sciences, in the social sciences, in the chemical and biological sciences or others.


In art education: students are taught to create plays, paintings, musical works. They should know the IP subsystem of copyright and related rights especially – author’s rights of composers, of writers, of painters; related rights of the performing artists, of producers; how to protect their interests of professionals in the specific area of arts.


In the field of technical sciences students are educated to innovate - innovation in the field of mechanics, physics, electronics and other fields of technical creativity. They should be familiar with IP objects: invention, utility model, industrial design, topology of integrated circuit with conditions to obtain protection for them; the patent and the registration certificate as legal documents for innovations and the rights such documents provide to their owners for a particular territory and a period of time.


In the field of chemical and biological sciences students are educated and create innovations in the field of medicine, chemical products, new plants and breeds of animals and other biotech results. They should know the objects of intellectual property, biological and chemical inventions, new plant varieties and animal breeds and their protection as biotechnological achievements; the document called ‘certificate’ for their protection and rights they provide for their owners.


In the field of social sciences, students are trained to identify and manage social processes and to reveal their forms in society, social and organizational innovations. They should know about a legal status of copyright, ‘open source’ and know-how; the ways to manage their innovations.


A non-exhaustive indication of the areas of human creative and educational activity which creates intellectual property undoubtedly speaks about the need of teaching in intellectual property in a higher education system and to find an appropriate place in the respective syllabus.

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