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Women Veterans: Transitions

David Bush, University of the Incarnate Word (United States)

Annette E. Craven, University of the Incarnate Word (United States)


The purpose of this study is to determine whether there are common themes regarding emotional, familial and social adaptation because of the female veterans' transition from the military to the civilian workforce, many of whom exit the armed forces with some level of disability. Whether transitioning into education, employment, or retired status, each female service member must make numerous decisions while facing aspects of cultural adaptation that must be commensurate with her change in status. A review of the available literature reveals that the woman veteran is an underrepresented population and that additional research is needed. This complex review of the literature examines existing research into the process of women veterans' transition from military service into civilian life. In addition, it presents a framework for applying the Veterans' Self-Identity Development Theory to the female veteran transitional process.  The results of this study may assist policymakers in the development and implementation of policies that support transitioning female veterans. It may also assist educators in meeting the needs of female veterans, particularly those with physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities.


Keywords: female veteran, Veterans' Self-Identity Development Theory, education, emotional adaptation, familial adaptation, social adaptation, career transition

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