The Future of Education

Edition 8

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Social Imaginary: Factor that Interferes in the Acceptance of the Mass School

Sonia Lopes Lanzoni, Rio Claro Technology and Education College (Brazil)

Joyce Mary Adam, Universidade Estadual Paulista-Unesp (Brazil)


This study about this case intends to enrich the understanding that we have about the current school. It seeks to add explanations about the functioning and organization of schools, looking at them through the lens of the social imaginary, a component that remains in an invisibility zone but guides and mobilizes their actions. It understands that, new theories and new practices for mass school must find legitimacy in the social imaginary. It ponders that, ideas conceived by the social imaginary make difficult the engagement of the teaching professionals to confront proper issues of the present mass school, besides discouraging those involved in the school process and raising difficulties to establish them in the institution. It considers that, references offered by the social imaginary limit the understanding of conflict situations at school and the choice of preventive actions to school violence. It understands that, the legal determinations for the mass school do not find support in the social imaginary, making difficult their acceptance. It evaluates that, the school coexists with stereotypes derived from idealized models about school, family, student.


Keywords: Social imaginary. School Violence. Mass school. Violence prevention

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