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Case Studies Based Educational Model for the 'Company Design and Visual Culture' Course in UNWE

Maria Markova, University of national and world economy (Bulgaria)

Victoria Chorbadzhiyska-Angelova, University of national and world economy, Sofia (Bulgaria)


As a result of years of academic practice, the authors of the current paper - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Markova and Dr. Victoria Chorbadiyska-Angelova developed an educational model, based on real case studies in the field of IP research for registered industrial designs (examples from the educational process provided for the students in the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria). The aim of prepared material is to explain the main features of the educational model which is based on lectures and IP research in Industrial design for the academic course ‘Company design and visual culture’ in the curriculum of “Intellectual property” specialties. In particular, these IP research are divided into the following 5 main areas:

1.         cases in “company design” registered by BG companies  for the territory of BG – the electronic resource is the e-portal of the Bulgarian Patent Office:

2.         cases in “company design” registered by BG companies for the territory of European Union – the electronic resource EUIPO database:

3.         cases in “company design” registered by BG companies for the territory of the Hague union - the electronic resource is the WIPO online database:

4.         cases in “company design”in the field of infringement  of IP rights - Committee for protection of unfair competition - and also

5.         cases in “company design” in the field of court appeal – the electronic resources for the purpose of which are: and

From all the listed areas of case studies prepared and presented by students, the following ones were especially interesting and useful from both theoretical and practical side of the learning process in the academic year 2016/2017: Decision of the Invalidity division of EUIPO ICD 9971 – Versace case; Decision of the invalidity division of EUIPO ICD 9649 - Rubik cube case; Decision 47/19.01.2012 of CPC - Maggi case of Nestle.

Above mentioned educational model possesses few main advantages, among which are: the interactivity of the model, the integrity of theory and practice and the development of oral communicative skills of the students by means of PP presentations in auditorium.

Keywords: IP  research for intellectual property rights, industrial design, visual culture

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