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Normative Basis for Control and Assessment of the Achievements of Students, Practicing Futsal in the University of National and World Economy

Ivan Stoilov, UNWE (Bulgaria)


Students in UNWE have the possibility to practice futsal in the process of education on the discipline „Physical education and sport”, and of course, those of them possessing the necessary qualities represent the university on multiple futsal championships and tournaments, as a part of the futsal representative team of UNWE. One of the significant problems in the contemporary sport training is that of the control and optimization of the sport preparation. „Control is a part of the cognitive activity of human being, for collection of information and assessment of the actual state of a given object, in view of its purposeful development and perfection. Main target of the control in sport is to optimize the training and contesting process through impartial information of the effect of the applied training impacts on sportsman. Subject of the control are the main factors of the sport achievement that significantly correlate to the sport achievement and are open to development and management under the influence of the training means and methods. The most generalizing criterion for trainability is the sport result shown at the matches. However, it does not allow controlling the separate parts of the sport preparation (physical, technical, tactical and etc.). Therefore, system of tests (test batteries) is used, giving opportunity to define the level on the separate components of the sport preparation. Test battery used for controlling and assessment of students practicing futsal includes 7 tests, estimating the physical and technical preparation. 

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