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Specialised Texts: Enhancing Communicative Competence of Students of Economics and Political Studies

Albena Stefanova, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The acquisition of at least two foreign languages and the development and enhancement of communicative competence are considered to be of paramount importance for the competitive and promising students in our dynamic and global world. Aiming at providing a high standard of language education universities encourage curriculum improvement as well as the introduction of novel approaches.

We are aware of the importance of teaching ESP through specialised texts but the new generations and recent developments in our modern life present a challenge to teachers and lecturers. So, the talk focuses on how to make classes more interactive and create an incentive for intense student involvement based on the presenter’s experience and work at the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria as well as on the university’s well-established and distinguished tradition in language teaching for specific purposes.

A variety of activities as well as a sequence of specific tasks are proposed and discussed. They have been piloted with students of economics and political studies and have shown a considerable contribution to the development and enhancement of the students’ communicative competence. Several types of specialised texts are considered as well as the criteria for choosing texts for class work. Peer competition as a drive for individual skills and knowledge enhancement are dealt with as well together with the overall and profound impact of the sequence of specific tasks in the process of facilitation and encouragement of learner autonomy.


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