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Effective Teaching of Principles of Entrepreneurship at the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

Maria Vasilska, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)

Silviya Georgieva, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


Entrepreneurship education is of a critical importance for all economies which aspire to achieve higher growth, high levels of employment, social inclusion of disadvantaged persons and groups, innovation activeness, increased competitiveness. The formation of entrepreneurial culture is one of the driving forces of the development of the countries that have made a transition from planned to market economy, to which Bulgaria belongs. Entrepreneurial knowledge, competences and behaviours are in the focus of attention of the higher education, since considering both the needs of society for their development, as well as of a certain part of young people who want to be independent and to start their own entrepreneurial initiatives.

Subject of the paper is the gained experience, the developed methodology and the specific characteristics of the teaching process of the course “Principles of Entrepreneurship” at the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria. The course has been introduced in 1991 and nowadays it is an elective discipline for all second-year students.

The teaching process is dynamic, aiming not only at introducing the main theoretical achievements, but also at provoking the interest of the students. Guest-lectors and already practicing successful entrepreneurs are involved in the teaching process. Discussions on the presented themes are made, practical cases are presented and analysed, role games are organised, etc. Students are encouraged to provide their own examples, assessments and proposals for solving various business tasks borrowed from the practice of Bulgarian and foreign entrepreneurs.


Keywords: entrepreneurship education, principles of entrepreneurship, teaching process

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