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Educational Innovation in Order to Create Learning Environments

Claudia Baloco, Universidad del Atlántico (Colombia)

Carmen Ricardo, Universidad del Norte (Colombia)


The educational innovation from the experience of this work is a process that involves the teacher transformation from the perspective of cognition and the appropriation of new technological tools to contribute significantly to the creation of new learning environments in the improvement of teaching-learning processes in the schools of the 21st century.

Thus, this work focuses on the design and development of new curriculums supported in technological mediations to help teachers to enhance the planning and structuring process of their classes. As well the active participation of students with entertaining and didactic resources that promote a different environment. So the educational practice from the perspective of this experience means a maturing teaching to assume with correctness, quality and relevance, the scientific and technological challenges that the globalized world demands today.

The institutional framework for the accomplishment of the descriptive study that is reported in this article was the Master's module "Desarrollo curricular en ambientes virtuales", developed in the Master's in Education at the Universidad del Norte of Barranquilla in the first and second periods of 2016. The teachers who worked the experience belong to the groups of secondary teachers awarded by the Ministerio de Educación Colombiano. The course had an intensity of 32 hours following the blended learning’s modality, getting as a result the repository of digital didactic units, continuously improved and implemented by the same teachers to create and innovate learning environments at the official schools of the department of Atlántico.


Keywords - Digital Didactic Units, Education, Innovation, Virtuality, Learning environments.


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