The Future of Education

Edition 8

Accepted Abstracts

Investigating of Theoretical Topics with Experimental Application on Education

Yelin Kemahli, Hisar School (Turkey)

Merve Nur Kalaylı, Hisar School (Turkey)


In our daily life, the gradual increase in industrialization becomes a threat to plants and humans as a number of heavy metals in wastes increases. A number of heavy metals in the wastes has a significant effect on living creatures and depending on the intensity of the metals, it causes short and long term problems. The soil emits the toxic chemicals through the wastewater and then leaks it to the underground water sources. Therefore,
pollutes the environment, and puts human's health at risk. If the amount of heavy metal is above a certain level, it creates short term and long terms threats for living creatures.
In this research, the leaves of the Oak, Ash, Chestnut, Judas and Sycamore trees were tested for the removal of heavy metals ions, Pb(II), Hg(II), from wastewater. For this
research project, we had two aims. First one was the combined theoretical sciencetopics with practical scientific experimentation and application. The second one was the how heavy metals can be a negative effect on the environment and what can be done on this subject? When we started to build our project we knew how to make calculations about the concepts of molarity, moles, and absorption. However, these were just our
knowledge from our chemistry course and these knowledge weren’t enough to make the process about our project. So, we had to put our laboratory experiences and theoretical bases. For example, in the chemistry classes teachers teach what is the spectrophotometer but, students can’t understand exactly the function of this device because they don’t have any experience and make experiments help them to understand this knowledge more easily and more logical. Or can make the calculation of dilution but many students can’t make this process in the laboratory because they just know the formula; with these kind of projects students can take the chance to work in the lab and can able to develop their science knowledge by their hands.
Keywords: fall foliage , heavy metals , waste water, laboratory
experiences,theoretical bases.

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