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Cheating in Digital Age - University and College Experience

Zdena Lustigova, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Veronika Novotna, lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, Pilsen, Czech Republic (Czech Republic)


Nearly 25 years of IT supported education and learning persuaded many teachers, that nowadays students have many more ways to be academically dishonest than students a generation ago. This paper presents large survey based results (more than 500 respondents), revealing the change in the approach to an academic dishonest by examining cheating behaviour, by collecting opinions, prejudices, evaluation, and also by reflecting  perceptions of cheating among students and its frequent criticism. Study proved high level technical skills spread also among students  in economy, social science and humanities,  and students' wide awareness of the instruments and easy available “almost professional” spy tools, such as high resolution pen scanners, invisible earpieces that can be connected to an MP3 player, or connect student "in need"  to an associate (remote helper),  and many others. Paper presents comparison of different students groups, public and private schools, and includes sub study focused on cheating among future teachers and during in-service teachers’ training.

Keywords: Cheating, technical tools to support cheating, future teachers, in-service teachers

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