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Edition 8

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From Theory to Practice: English Language, CLIL and Technologies from Teacher Training to Students’ Learning Outcomes

Letizia Cinganotto, INDIRE (Italy)

Daniela Cuccurullo, ITI Giordani Striano (Italy)

Marina Screpanti, IC 3 (Italy)


The presentation is aimed at showing the potential of teacher training in the field of English language, CLIL and technologies in terms of professional development and improvement of teaching practices and students’ learning outcomes.

Reference will be made to two online training initiatives carried by two of the authors, designed both as training and research paths. The initiatives, aimed at guiding participants in the discovery and experimentation of webtools for language learning and CLIL will be described in order to highlight the design of the pathways, the learning process and some of the main outcomes, detailed in terms of participants’ interaction, language, methodological and technological outcomes, products realized during the courses. The impact of these initiatives on the teacher’s profile will be directly mentioned by the third author, a primary school teacher, passionate about language learning, CLIL and innovative methodologies who attended all the initiatives proposed and                                                                                                                                             was eager to experiment what she had learnt in her classes: from theory to practice. The lesson plans and the activities carried out with her students, also in the frame of national projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, will be depicted to show the direct impact of teacher training for better teaching and better students’ learning outcomes as for enhancing innovative teaching processes, English language competences, digital competences and transversal competences.

The lessons learnt and the inputs received from the training paths attended by the teacher will be considered and examined from the perspective of a new classroom language learning environment, a wider use of technologies during the English and the CLIL lessons, a higher level of participation and enthusiasm of the students, better learning outcomes.


CLIL, English, Language Learning, Technologies, Teacher Training, Learning Outcomes


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