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Configuration Models of Augmentation Strategies Communication Skills for Medical Students

Silvia Nastasiu, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” (Moldova, Republic of)


 Introduction: The methods of teaching are the modalities of actions, by means of methods the students, independently or with teacher’s help receive new knowledge, form aptitudes, skills and abilities. Students represent a psycho-individual pecularities, in this way is necessary to use a large variety of methods for teaching and studying which will emphasize the abilities of each student. The development of formative character of methods supose the stressing of professional relationship ( between doctor and pacient) which students have in the process of dissemination of culture and development of personality.

Goals: The modernization of educational process of medical Romanian language.

Coclusions: The literature of speciality gives  us an image of antithesis which is created between modern and traditional methods used in teaching.The traditional methods (didactic speech, demonstration, work with textbook, exercises) expositive or frontal, they give us impression that they are not in concordance with new principles of active and concious participation of the student at the lesson. The using of interactive methods has as result the rising motivation for studying and self confidence and provide the conditions of forming the capacity of student to communicate in Romanian language, thus prepare himself for the meeting with the pacient.The main methods of development of critical thinking are: Cluster method, Mozaic method, Cube method, Starry bursting method, Cause and effect,Case study.

Keywords: effective teaching, studies on education, medical language, interactive teaching methods

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