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On-line Resources and the Enhancement of Face-to-Face Contact

Nick Cartwright, University of Northampton (United Kingdom)

Rod Brazier, Pearson College (United Kingdom)


Nick Cartwright and Rod Brazier set up parallel projects to evaluate student experiences of current Open Educational Resources (OERs) used for supporting undergraduate law students.  Cartwright carried out the study at a large public university, Brazier at a small private higher education institution.  The former study received funding from HEFCE for an undergraduate research bursary and the undergraduate researcher facilitated focus groups with her peers, the latter study involved Brazier facilitating focus groups with his students.  The data from these focus groups is currently being analysed but early indications are that there substantial overlaps between the experiences of these two cohorts and similar strengths and areas for improvement were identified. 


Based on the findings of these two studies Cartwright secured HEFCE funding for a project to develop new OERs to support and enhance face-to-face teaching.  These resources will be dynamic and combine video content with interactive activities and will be hosted on a streaming law TV channel.  Reflecting student feedback the resources will sit outside of specific modules at programme level and will be accessible throughout the programme of study.  The funders require that the resources are published as OERs no later than June 2017 so the deliverables will be showcased as part of this paper.

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