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Notes From the Field; Teaching a Culturally Diverse Population Via Live Online Web-conference

Carmine Gibaldi, Harvard & St. John\'s University (United States)


This paper/presentation will present my personal experiences teaching graduate students at Harvard University through a web-conference platform that presents us live and in real time.  Students in the graduate course are attending from every corner of the world, and on most occasions I’m in New York City teaching the class.

I will be offering my insights, experiences, and strategies employed to effectively teach live and online, and also how to build a successful and powerful learning community every semester.  The student population is obviously a key component to the success of the class and strategies employed in that they are adult learners, typically with work experience and presently employed.  As already mentioned they are extremely culturally diverse, generationally diverse, usually balanced regarding gender representation, and also represent many professional fields and areas of employment.  Although it is an online course the key to the success of the course in almost every way is the building of relationships and reinforcing the fact that the course is made up of people.  Given that I teach Organizational Behavior this serves to support the underlying issue in the discipline, that workplaces are made up of people and how can we best understand people in the workplace.

I will include in this paper tangible suggestions/advise for better/best practices.

Keywords: Online, Web-conference, Real time, Culture

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