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Emergency Education Approach and Education Resilience Approach in confronting situations characterized by armed Conflict: A case study of Palestinian children

Nasser Tamimi, Universiti of Sains Malaysia (Palestinian Territory, Occupied)


Throughout the world there should be barriers to prevent children from achieving their rights in education. One of these barriers is the political armed conflict which children face in their daily basis. This paper reviews two main educational approaches which educators need to consider while confronting armed conflict problems in areas characterized by ongoing conflict. These two approaches are: emergency education approach and resilience approach. This paper contributes to increase the knowledge and awareness on the importance of emergency and resilience approaches in education and the role of organizations and agencies in dealing with such approaches. Findings of this paper are based on the documentary analysis. Such findings show that the two approaches (emergency education, resilience) play an important role in confronting armed conflict disaster that caused by human being such as war. Moreover, researchers’ future recommendations for teachers in regards to children protection and hope will be a focus as well. The effectiveness of the educational approach and the resilience approach in emergency situation as a response to react in this area will be discussed as well. Literature debates about the success of organizations and agencies in performing these approaches will be discussed as well.


Emergency education, Resilience, Armed conflict, Children rights.


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