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Educational Policies (Standards of Preschool Education) and Their Implementation in Preschool (Case Study)

Arberore Bicaj, AAB College (Kosovo)

Fatlume Berisha, University of Prishtina (Kosovo)


This study aims to analyze the implementation of educational policies (standards in the early childhood education) in preschool institutions. More specifically, this study aims to gain some knowledge and understanding of how the preschool institutions, namely the teachers, were able to achieve practicing the main principles of the educational policies, ideas and concepts while aiming thereby to achieve the curriculum competencies. Furthermore, the study focuses on analyzing what activities are used to enable the fulfillment of the learning and development standards as well as general science knowledge and exploring the experiences, attitudes, and perceptions of principals and educators implementing the learning and development standards in early childhood education, preschool programs.

At first, the literature on educational policies for preschool education will be reviewed followed by qualitative nature of multiple case study research. Structured interviews and observations will be conducted within 4 preschool institutions (2 private and 2 public). A total of 4 principals and 8 educators that serve year 4-5 and 5 -6 will be interviewed. Interviews with two experts of early childhood education on the harmonization of the learning and development standards in the early childhood education with the curricula competencies will be also conducted. Through observations of the 4 preschool institutions, we will be able to understand how the educators implement these standards.

This paper will serve to identify gaps or difficulties that principals and educators have while implementing the standards in the preschool educational settings.



Preschool education, educational policies, early childhood education, Curriculum, science



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