The Future of Education

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What is an Education?

Aslanbek Naziev, Ryazan State University (Russian Federation)


What is an education? Not so long ago in the Soviet Union and Russia was recognized the following answer to this question: "Education is the socially organized and regulated process of continuous transference of socially significant experience from previous to following generations. The main way to receive an education is to take a course of training in the system of educational institutions". But about twenty years ago, suddenly it became clear that such an interpretation of that education has a significant defect.

A similar answer to the proposed question was given by panelists on ResearchGate. Most of them were agree that “Education is the transmission of civilization”. But when this writer asked if they believe that the transmission of civilization with the help of war can be considered as a kind of education, no one answered, and the debate was cut short.

These remarks show that the obvious answers to the question are not as good as they seem. Meanwhile, in the early nineteenth century, it was suggested the much more acceptable definition of education. This was done by Hegel. In our paper, we recall this definition, demonstrate its advantages over the others, and explain its relationship with the other key parties of the human community, namely, with the culture, the human freedom, and the morality.

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