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The Impact of Socio-Affective Elements on the Academic and Personal Development of University Students

Ana Guadalupe Torres Hernández, Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Alejandro Vera Pedroza, Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

Juana Elena Guzmán Valdez, Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)


The teaching-learning process at Universidad Veracruzana and any other kind of educative institution has always involved different incidences and barriers which need to be amended or rectified by means of a proper instruction and experience of their academic staff, as well as the syllabus improvement. However, there is a key element that is really difficult to amend: the socio-affective element that students have built for themselves from a family, social and educative life history. This element may stimulate or obstruct the students’ own learning despite the interest they may have in it.

This research project aims to determine the relationship between students’ socio-affective elements and their academic and personal development. It will take place during the semester January-July 2017 and will be based on Humanistic Theory. The study subjects will be students from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Poza Rica Veracruz, Mexico. They will be selected from a statistic sample using a qualitative-quantitative methodology. The results will be obtained from an open-ended questionnaire, and will be presented on percentage graphs and charts.

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