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Edition 8

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Sharing slack skills and competent time. A “Co-prosumer” Longlife Learning

Simone Cerrina Feroni, Freelance (Italy)


Lifelong Learning is enabling (UE,2004) «citizens at any age and at any point in their lives, with the aim to manage personal life paths». The Decr. Lgs. 13/13 is about theright to informal learning, also unintentional, in daily life, work, family and leisure contexts …“in a personal, civic, social and work-related frame”. A new universally right but also a strong self-development obligation in a continuous “teenaged” learning. Guidance and longwide education are “life-deep” services, tickling and redirecting motivation for self-improvement, a new “imperative duty of social solidarity” and “self-achievement in social groups". With the only limit of the “respect of the persona umana dignity and of psychophysics integrity”.

From the theoretical cleavage of hypercompetitive biopolitics of work, this subtle and nudged inducement to a stepped up complicit responsibility for desires to saturate immediately, regressive/seductive, supportive/productive, smart/mcdonaldized, communicate, being, create, feeling get a baumanian aftertaste of a «quality-hunting» life, not completely an eudaimonic vita activa, because the subject is pro-jected (pro-jectum), but under (sub-jectum).  A “dark side” virus quickly fitting to the new environment, infecting  health, well-being, relational economy, and even “hyperlearning”. Shame for self-development inability and anxiety from “hypercapabilities” learning in todos empresario lifes turn relationships into mere perfunctory one, slowness and shyness into diseases, and “economized” educational practices (learning ultrasimplified pills, the quality “certification” of single professionals) stress for arousal of continous self-enhancement.

This unbalanced life-work intermingling and the acceleration of competence obsolescence require a collective “learnfare”, a socioorganizational facing of wearing out, helplessness and loss of “inter-est” for the other. A reembedding grassroots socialization (Polanyi) activating life-friendly work (Gorz) and a selfmanaged community learning, free and equalized, where associate working lifes in competent communities pooling the confluent learning reenactment, in order to make it «bios-compatible». From a learning “put to work” to a socially sustainable one, depersonalized and reorganized in a mutual functioning one, discovering complementary skills and a collective committment. Colearning/coguidance as a lean reengineering of the work-life interface, a long-life learning by doing, an amateur-like management of working lifes, a new form of interorganizational cooperation. From “living” work and organizations to  well “co-living&working&learning lifes”.


Biopolitics of work, Shareskills,Lifelong Learning. Lifelong Guidance, Capabilities

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