The Future of Education

Edition 13

Accepted Abstracts

Paving Educational Pathways towards Sanitation Awareness and Resilience in Afghanistan

David Th. Ausserhuber, ICUMEDA Intercultural Mediation and Art (Austria)


In edition 9 of the International Conference of the Future of Education in Florence, Italy, ICUMEDA Intercultural Mediation & Art was introduced as tool for academic mediation facing special educational needs in the potentially traumatic context of war and flight. Raising awareness of relevant intercultural issues within the academic mediation framework (published under the term "Ur-Mediation" in the expert journal PERSPEKTIVE MEDIATION) has been this platform's priority: From 2015 to 2019, intercultural issues due to isolation and trauma were addressed and respective comprehensive programs were successfully accomplished in various academic settings in Afghanistan. As was already published in last year's Conference Proceedings, starting with 2020 ICUMEDA has started to lay its emphasis on mediating in intercultural and intergenerational topics related to tradition as is the case in the broad variety of sanitation issues. The new paper for this conference's 10th edition will give insight on compiled ideas and thinkable concepts that pave future pathways towards education in the field of saniation awareness and resilience in Afghanistan — and the potential of new mediative art to enhance and beautify this participatory engagement.

Keywords: Academic Mediation, Trauma Pedagogy, new mediative art, upskilling pathways.

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