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IMPARI Social Learning

Luciano Pes, Impari-Scuola (Italy)


Impari is an AGID qualified Italian teaching platform, totally web, based exclusively on open and interoperable formats.
Teachers and students collaborate in an environment made up of about 70 tools, designed to produce and share teaching materials both in presence and on demand.
The tools for producing content fall into these categories and there are various types of them:

  1. Presentations
  2. Booklets or digital booklets
  3. Collaborative writing
  4. Virtual reality
  5. Animations
  6. Quiz
  7. Concept maps
  8. Diagrams and concept maps
  9. Notice board
  10. Geographic tours
  11. Screen recorder
  12. Automatic summary
  13. Convert text for dyslexia
  14. School newspaper
  15. Timeline
  16. Word cloud
  17. QR code generator
  18. Evaluation rubrics

Methods and processes implemented inside:

  1. Debate
  2. Flipped classroom
    - Authentic task
    - Produce a video
    - Create an index of the video• Create a quiz on a video
    - Play a range of a video
    - Link the running of two videos
    - Create a mind map while listening to a video
    - Annotate and create a presentation with your tablet pen  while listening to a video

It is possible to remotely build the following objects with the BYOD method:

  • collective creation of a word cloud
  • collective creation of a mind map
  • creation of a collective presentation
  • creation of a collective digital booklet
  • creation of collective drawings or graphics
  • creating a kahoot type exercise

Keywords: social learning, digital books, online slides, mindmaps,virtual reality, quiz, video enrichment, videocall, real time interaction.

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