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Edition 14

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Walking Pedagogy for Science Education and more-than-Human Connection

Lee Beavington, Simon Fraser University / Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Canada)


This literary-visual métissage [1] weaves together stories, scholarship and photographs. What can be unearthed—science education, embodied knowledge, environmental ethics—when we walk [2] on the land? Embodied and sensorial engagement [3] fosters relational and enlivening educational experiences. Whether preschool or post-doc, direct sense experience offers not only active and experiential pedagogy, but also a spiritual attunement with the natural world [4]. Now, amid the climate crisis and screen fatigue pandemic [5], such Earth resonance is of utmost import. Let us walk through a snowy forest, ponder what counsel our shoeless feet (and David Abram) afford us, and envision the learning environment as an emergent and adaptable opportunity for connection and wonder.

Keywords: Science education; embodied learning; place-based learning; David Abram; literary métissage.


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