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Emotional Intelligence in School Organizations

Raquel Aguiar Lombardi, Independent Researcher (Portugal)


Every day, teachers develop new and creative solutions, which are integrated into the school, and which produce stable effects with a positive and tangible impact on the improvement of curricular conditions. The Art`Emotions project fits into this framework because it aims to remove any barriers that prevent a student from accessing their curriculum and create opportunities for their learning and specificity.
The Art Emotions Project is an emotional educational project, it uses the arts as an expressive tool of the students' emotions. Through various artistic areas, it is intended that students acquire emotional skills that promote school success.
The Art'emotions project, seeks with its activities to work on the strengths of the students through the arts and focus on their talent by carrying out activities that are creative, motivating and with innovative strategies. By working on their talent, the student is aware of what they are capable of, increases their self-esteem and promotes their participation.
An example of the success of this project and its importance in revealing the talent in the target students will be the case of a student of this school, enrolled in inclusive education, who at the level of academic learning had no success.
This concept of an emotional educational project is in keeping with Goleman's view that the tenacity with which people train and insist on their respective areas in which they are excellent. Educating for the emotions is empowering students with important emotional tools for their lives. Emotional intelligence in schools is gaining a prominent place, and teachers are increasingly seeking to insert emotional education into their educational projects. As with the Art'Emotions project, educating for the emotions has become a challenge for the success of students. And there are more and more success stories in our short experience in the field.
As mentioned above, I cannot fail to mention the case of a student who has become a comforting and motivating experience. A student diagnosed with emotional and behavioural disorders often experienced panic attacks. The exacerbated fear of error, of participation in social events, of wearing masks, of loneliness, increased his absenteeism from school. His daily suffering was visible. Parental abandonment (mother), rebellion and refuge in fantasies of her own caused her to be signalled and inserted into the project.

Keywords: Art Emotions Project, Inclusion, Education, arts.


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