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Technology in Education for People with Special Needs - A Paradigm of Teacher Education

Jan Khushboo, University of Kashmir (India)


ICT in education for people with special needs is intended to take in account the ICT diversity in all areas of education to provide education to people with SEN (Special Education Needs). This includes critical and reflective selection, application of special technologies and appropriate conducive educational conditions for successful outcomes of ICT for people with special needs. According to 2011 Census data 2.21 percent i.e., 2.68 Crore out of 121 Crore of total population are disabled. Among the disabled population 56 percent (1.5 Crore) are males and 44 percent (1.18 Crore) are females. Majority 69 percent (1.86 Crore) of disabled population belong to rural areas and 31 percent (0.81 Crore) is from urban background. Also WHO data estimate around 10 percent of world population is disabled. The focus of the current study is to identify the barriers faced by the students with a certain type of disability and the potential of ICT in overcoming them thereby facilitating education for people with special needs. This study will help in identifying the factors that promote good educational practices supported by ICT.

Keywords: ICT, SEN, Teacher Education.

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