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Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Experiences

Kelly M. Torres, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (United States)


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all facets of life including how educators facilitate second language learning experiences for their learners. Although many teachers previously utilized technology-enhanced learning activities to assist their learners’ acquisition of the English language (Patel, 2017), they have become more reliant on its use as schools across the globe have transitioned to remote learning modalities. To provide English learners meaningful and interactive language learning experiences, educators are able to incorporate a variety of technology-enhanced activities within their online courses. There are a vast range of technological tools that English learners are able to engage with in order to become more proficient in all language skills. For example, students can complete assignments that include technologies such as digital stories (e.g., Adobe Spark), online flashcards (e.g., Quizlet, collaborative slides (e.g., Pear Deck), video posts (e.g., Flipgrid), music videos (e.g., Lyrics Training), interactive discussions (e.g., Padlet), virtual field trips (e.g., Google Tour Creator), and animative stories (e.g., Powtoon). This presentation will provide an overview of the benefits of using technology for language learning and examples of technologies that promote higher levels of language proficiency.

Keywords: Language learning, Technology-enhanced activities.


  • Patel, D. (2017). Significance of technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) in language classes. Journal of Technology for ELT, 7(2).

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