The Future of Education

Edition 14

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Turkey’s Education System from the 1940's to 2020’s

Ada Cavus, Fmv Isik High School (Turkey)


Since the ancient ages, education has always been an important necessity for life. There is no doubt that the methods or systems have changed over the years but there are a few things that stayed the same : preparing the generations for the future , some kinds of values that are important for the communities. In rural areas, kids are usually raised by the importance of agriculture and stable economic issues or in urban areas which also involves the modern education system containing systematics, positive science, maths etc. The main reason for this difference is cultural difference , political situation or even the century . In this article , it will be tried to contrast Turkey’s education system from the 1940's to today with literature review. Which methods have changed , which lessons turned out to change as the time changed. In the  light of this, It will be compared and contrasted the elements which are important and give some advice for our current system as was inspired by 1940’s village institute education system.

Keywords: cultural change, Education, Turkey’s Education systems, Village Institutes.


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