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Peer Coaching: Reflective Professional Development for Educators

Deborah Scigliano, Duquesne University (United States)


Peer coaching is an exciting and enriching practice that promotes reflection and growth in teaching. The reflective model of coaching, also referred to as the mirror model, places the control of areas for growth in the hands of the educator. This peer coaching process uses pre-visit conferences, classroom visits, and post-visit conferences. The coachee, the person who is being coached, decides focus for each visit. The coach collects the data during the classroom visit which the coachee decided would be collected. The coach presents the data to the coachee after the visit. The coachee then reflects upon the data to improve teaching practice. The coachee determines whether to continue with this same focus area or change to a new focus area. The choice that the coachee has in this process is empowering and provides the opportunity for self-determined professional growth. This reflective process allows educators to try new initiatives and see how these initiatives are working in the classroom. Educators can re-visit well-used teaching practices to see if these practices are still effective with their learners. The intent of peer coaching is to reflect on and improve teaching practice. Peer coaching makes learning personal and life-long.

Keywords: Peer coaching, professional development, reflective coaching, mirror model coaching.


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