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Enhancing Student Engagement in High School by Designing Research in Higher Energy Physics

Nela Dželalija, III. Gimnazija - Prirodoslovno-Matematička Gimnazija (Croatia)

Mile Dželalija, University of Split (Croatia)


Creating a culture of excellence and working with talented students is an important role of teaching in high schools, especially in natural sciences such as physics. By involvement in scientific research activities in all areas of physics talented students can achieve various knowledge, skills and competences, especially when analysing processes in higher energy physics, because the work is very dependent to collaboration with researchers in universities and excellent technologically attaractive laboratories. Higher energy physics is particularly attractive to a large number of students, but only the talented students can respond to challenges of an international competition and be prepared for such a competition, such as the competition Beamline for schools (BL4S). This paper presents the concept of guiding students through the processes of research activities in a modern laboratory, from elaboration of the theoretical idea, analysis of the characteristics of available detectors, design of the experimental setup, characteristics of the incident beam and targets, up to the use of experimentally achieved data in one of the world's famous laboratories (DESY, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Germany). Also, the challenges that students went through and the way they solved them will be described. In the preparation of the research activities with students we have used the Manual for optional teaching in physics and the official website of the competition Beamline for schools (BL4S).

Keywords: design of experiment, optional physics teaching, talented students.

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