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Living and Working in a Multicultural Society - A Comparative Study of Czech and Slovak Tourism Undergraduates’ Views

Zuzana Sándorová, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (Slovakia)

Hannelore Bobáková, Obchodně podnikatelská fakulta v Karviné (Czech Republic)

Krystyna Heinz, Obchodně podnikatelská fakulta v Karviné (Czech Republic)


In today’s multicultural societies tolerance towards different cultures is becoming an important issue in any field of economy and life. Nevertheless, for those working in the tourism industry, it is a key competence since guests’ and tourists’ satisfaction depends heavily on their ability to provide high-quality services including their open and positive attitude towards otherness.The present paper aimed to shed light on tourism undergraduates’ perceptions of cultural diversity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The international comparative examination brought some controversial and surprising results in terms of the general perception of cultural diversity, their relation to current problems in multicultural societies, as well as concerning working with colleagues and dealing with guests of different cultural background. Yet, the efficiency of the education system with regard to preparing for working in multicultural environments was conceived quite unanimously by both samples as rather unsatisfactory.

Keywords: multicultural society, tourism undergraduates, perceptions, attitudes, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

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