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Cultural Heritage Education: Towards new Skills and Competences

Mirena Staneva, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


Subject matter of this article is the education in the field of safeguarding and protection of cultural heritage and traditional knowledge as intellectual property. In recent years, the cultural heritage has received an increased recognition as an essential resource for economic, cultural, social and environmental development, and as an important tool to mobilize innovative and culturally appropriate responses to the various challenges of contemporary life. The heritage is becoming a main topic of the political and public debate and together with his recognition as a catalyst for sustainable development goes his appreciation as non-renewable, non-replaceable and non-interchangeable resource that needs strategic approach towards his safeguarding and management. The globalization, digital and social transformation, climate change present serious challenges for the transmission and safeguarding of cultural heritage Digitization and new technologies provide new opportunities for safeguarding, promoting access and use of cultural heritage, which requires the acquisition of new cross-sectoral knowledge, competencies and skills and thus the development of new educational models for training the future professionals in the sector. The article will present the teaching model used in the course “Cultural heritage and business” delivered to student studying intellectual property and business.

Keywords: cultural heritage education, traditional knowledge, sustainable development, intellectual property.


  • Council conclusions of 21 May 2014 on cultural heritage as a strategic resource for a sustainable Europe 2014/C 183/08
  • Borisova, V., Traditional knowledge as Intellectual Property, Compl. Stopnastvo, 2006

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