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Non-Formal Education and Hospitality: A View from Pedagogy of Alterity

María Castillo López, University of Murcia (Spain)


Neoliberal logic has progressively invaded all areas of society: competitiveness and individualism guide human relationships; the phenomenon of social exclusion become established; education becomes commodified, while forgetting its ethical-anthropological roots (Ortega & Romero, 2019); and Social Education is promoted in order to face socio-educational consequences of exclusion processes (García, 2005). To cope with the instrumentalization process of education, pedagogy of alterity emerges. The focus of this educational model, inspired by the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, is the ethical relationship that the educational act implies. It is argued that educating is to welcome the other in its uniqueness, especially when there is a situation of need (Mínguez & Hernández, 2013). The main objective of this study was to explore the role of hospitality in non-formal educational processes from the pedagogical perspective of alterity. To this end, a process of theoretical review has been carried out. The review covered several contemporary authors related to this approach whose studies focused on the role of hospitality in the educational process. In conclusion, hospitality is proposed as a fundamental pillar of the ethical-educational relationship. Moreover, several authors emphasize the need to address the circumstance: this concept encompasses the personal, family and contextual conditions that surround the educational act (Mínguez, Romero & Gutiérrez, 2018; Ortega, 2004). Studies that have categorized hospitality in the context of formal education have been located (Osuna, Díaz and López, 2016; Pedreño, 2020). Nevertheless, no studies of this type have been found in the field of non-formal education. Thus, it could constitute a possible line of research.

Keywords: pedagogy, alterity, hospitality, social exclusion.


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