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A Formation of IT and Digital Competence in High School: A Contemporary State and Prospects

Ekaterina Budnik, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russian Federation)


The rapid growth in the number of digital resources and devices over the past decade has practically shaped the landscape of a new era - the era of digital devices, resources and services, on the one hand, and the deployment of a global information media environment on the other. At the same time, there is an increase in the influence of the global media environment on humanity as a system of broadcasting, transmission, accumulation, creation and dissemination of knowledge in the information society. Carrying out a digitalization policy in modern conditions requires higher education to develop new ways of organizing training for a new formation training personnel. Moreover, the state should take the necessary organizational and incentive measures for their speedy widespread implementation. The study of research works in the field of digital education, as well as conversations with teachers and students, made it possible to determine that among the problems associated with training personnel for the digital environment, the leading ones are: the ongoing changes in the cognitive capabilities of modern young people; the imperfection of the organization and methods of teaching digital competencies; the lag of the level of professional training of the teaching staff of educational organizations from the speed of development of digital technologies and some others. To solve these problems, the authors of the article summarize the positive experience of the activities of domestic and foreign enterprises and educational organizations in the formation of digital competencies in young people. The characteristic of modern trends in corporate training in digital competencies is given. Their correlation with the cognitive and behavioural characteristics of the younger generation is determined. The author identifies the most effective ways of developing competencies in digital technologies, depending on the psychological characteristics of modern youth. Given the impossibility of meeting the modern digital labour market's needs only by specialized institutions, proposals are made for organizing a digital environment for students in other educational organizations.

Keywords: Digital, IT competence, high education.

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