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Intellectual Property and University Corporate Security of the Education Based in Digital Environment

Vladia Borisova, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The use of the digital environment for e-learning and for creating a virtual image of the university or the education as a product is of special importance both for the development of the digital competitive education and for the corporate security of the service. The protection of the intellectual property of e-learning services of the university forms one of the main elements in the structure of their corporate security. The on-line education provides services and market products based on the protection of intellectual property and its licensing. These products in a digital environment can be protected by various technological security systems, but thus they do not always provide complete protection, they need protection via intellectual property rights. In this regard, in the digital learning environment, for the purposes of corporate security it is necessary to protect:

  • Technological inventions for online functionalities – online education platforms
  • Software
  • User interface
  • Chips and integrated circuits
  • Databases
  • Domain name of the university
  • Web design of the page
  • Website content - illegal downloading and uploading of content – mainly learning documents
  • The product itself

Settlement of the rights of authors and inventors in the creation of intellectual property is a mandatory prerequisite for active university security (scope of rights, ownership of the material, guarantees, maintenance and update, confidentiality, guarantees, responsibilities, etc.). The lack of protection of intellectual property is a breakthrough in university e learning security, allowing the creation of a digital avatar of a competitive university / universities (drastic reduction of revenue, damage to the positive image, blocking e-learning service providing and misinformation in the distribution and distribution network. The universities whose activities are related to the creation and use of digital technologies hold a large part of the value of their business in intellectual property - a portfolio of intellectual property. The protection of intellectual property portfolio of the university builds the foundations of its e-learning security, which increases the quality of the provided online education, strengthens the positive image and the value of the university itself.

Keywords: e-learning; IP rights, security; digitally based higher education.


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