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Artificial Intelligence Patents in Digital Enterprises

Vladislava Petrova, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria)


The subject matter of this paper are patents in the field of artificial intelligence in digital enterprises. The paper analyzes the nature of artificial intelligence and identifies the main areas of application. The patent protection of the innovative products related to artificial intelligence of the digital enterprises is indicated. By obtaining patent protection, patent holders can be monopolists in a particular market and territory for a limited time. Examples of artificial intelligence patents for inventions have been identified. The essence of digital enterprises is revealed, and examples of digital enterprises in international aspect are given. The problems of digital enterprises, and what are the challenges facing them in terms of patents in the field of artificial intelligence have been identified. Artificial intelligence has a strong global impact on intellectual property, and in particular on inventions. The present study will focus on the importance of artificial intelligence in the innovative activity of digital enterprises and the way which it affects digital competitiveness.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, patent protection, digital enterprises, digital competitiveness, intellectual property


  • Markova, M., „Company Competitiveness through Intellectual Property“, Economic Studies, Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Volume 7, issue 25, 2018, p.35-55.
  • WIPO Technology Trends 2019 Artificial Intelligence, World Intellectual Property Organization, First published 2019.

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